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Impulse by Ellen Hopkins

December 20, 2012
By ThatAnnoying-Dog BRONZE, Sacramento, California
ThatAnnoying-Dog BRONZE, Sacramento, California
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Swallow the bottle. Put the gun to your chest. Cut a little deeper. Act on your impulse. Impulse is a thrilling novel, one to tug at your feelings, one that really makes you think. It’s a genuine must read, provided you’re mature enough to handle the book. There’s a multitude of disturbing images, but the relationships between characters really pulls the book through.
Impulse starts off with three teenagers who tried to off with themselves. Luckily, they were unsuccessful. The story shows their struggle to recover along a rollercoaster of extreme emotions, and tattered bonds between the protagonists. The plot is truly gripping, and some of the images are so disturbing, you almost have to go on.
It’s a touching journey to see the characters evolve into more self-respecting characters, and watch them make and break bonds with one another. The experience of observing them finish their rehabilitation, only to watch a thrilling plot twist makes this a novel words cannot describe.
Overall, Impulse is a novel to give you a different perspective on life. Whether it’s that you’re happy to not be emotionally unstable, or happy to just be alive, the book will really change you. Ellen Hopkins really created a masterpiece with Impulse. I personally call this book a must read.

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We did this for a school assignment, but I put a lot of effort into this review.

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