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Jane Eyre by Charlotte Bronte

November 15, 2012
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Book name-Jane Eyre
Author-Charlotte Bronte
From the time Jane is locked in the desolate red room to her coupling with Mr Rochester the plot of this novel is simply enchanting.
Jane is a orphan girl who is being brought up along with her three cousins by a cruel aunt who despises her. She is tortured and teased by her cousins. Young Jane has a fiery spirit and when she tries to muster courage and stand up for herself she is sent away to Lowood ,a boarding school for orphans. The conditions at Lowood school are horrible. Many of her mates die of typhus. But in spite of this Jane does well in her studies. After a few years Jane makes up her mind to leave the school and seek employment as a governess.
She is employed to teach a French child, Adele at Thornfield Hall owned by Mr Rochester. Jane meets Mr.Rochester under odd circumstances. She continues to be both intrigued and baffled by her master due to his awkward ways. Eventually, her curiosity turns into feelings of love. The readers may feel that Jane’s affections for Rochester are returned but there is no clear evidence of it. Rochester actually parties and enjoys with some other women in Jane’s presence.
And when they finally decide to get married unexpected obstacles come their way and their future is thrown into doubt. Love, mystery, strength and courage, redemption, estrangement and faith are an integral part of the book. It is also strange to find such a strong female character in novels of yore. The readers will fall in love with Jane and find themselves wishing Jane will have a happy future in the company of Mr. Rochester.

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