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The Eternal Flame by T. A. Baron

October 13, 2012
By Noah_HF GOLD, Winchester, Tennessee
Noah_HF GOLD, Winchester, Tennessee
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A great evil has entered Avalon, with a mission to take over all of the worlds. The Eternal Flame by T. A. Baron has a very exciting plot. Rhita Gawra, an evil god, is trying to take over Avalon so that he can access the portals in Avalon that will be able to take him to the other worlds so he can conquer them. Tamwyn, a young wizened amateur wizard, gathers the courage to take a risky journey up to the stars by traveling up the great tree of Avalon that extends to the very heavens. No human has ever gone to the top. When there, he will have to do something only Merlin has done, relight the stars of the Wizard’s Staff. Will he be able to make it to the top? Can he relight the stars? Read the third book in the series The Great Tree of Avalon to find out. An overlying theme of the story was doing things for the greater good even when the odds are against you.

This exciting fantasy fiction book is long, but I found that it was fast paced and that every minute was worth my time. Some powerful messages were brought forth that have changed who I am. The author was able to write a book that is good literature even though it has an exciting plot. I was absorbed the whole way through. Even though the ending left me with a beginning, that beginning did not leave the book with a cliffhanger. It made me think about the possibilities of what could happen and made me feel like I was a part of the adventure. I liked this book as much as the books in the series The Lost Years of Merlin by T. A. Baron. This book has material for all ages and I would recommend it too people who like magic and fantastical events.

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