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Dreamhunter by Elizabeth Knox

March 21, 2012
By ChristoTheBeast BRONZE, Cambridge, Massachusetts
ChristoTheBeast BRONZE, Cambridge, Massachusetts
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As I eagerly sat down with my copy of Dreamhunter I was under the impression I had found a book that I could dive into and read for hours. How utterly wrong I was. I found my mind wandering away from the book and thinking about volleyball or hanging out with friends instead. By the time the book got good it was already a third over and in my opinion not worth the wait. Dreamhunter, by Elizabeth Knox, is guaranteed to waste your time.
The book Dreamhunter is about a family filled with special abilities. The father, Tziga Hame, is a Dreamhunter. A person whom can travel into the Place, a mysterious land that few can venture into. When Tziga starts being tailed by the government he disappears. Tziga’s daughter, Laura decides to unravel the mystery of it all. This leads to a set of events that turn Laura’s world upside down.
In Dreamhunter the main thing that got to me while I was reading was how slow the book was. When I first saw the book I had no idea the first hundred pages were going to be a bore. Events that happen seem to either not link with each other or just seem like plain old everyday things that don’t match up with the seriousness of the current events. Seeing as the book is 350 plus pages and 100 are boring it is not very reassuring that the book will be good.
The theme in Dreamhunter was that you have to be constantly ready for anything. What I mean by this is that in Dreamhunter the main character, Laura, is constantly being forced into new realities and new surroundings. The change is constant and she has to be ready for it. This applies to many characters and thus I deem it a book-wide theme. Many are affected by the changes and this was the strong message I received after I had read the book.

The characters in the book are one thing that stands out from the rest of the book. All of the characters you meet as you read are very unique in their own way. The family of main characters seems to share no similarities and yet still be a family. An example of this is Rose and Laura. Rose is a headstrong, confident, popular, person yet her cousin Laura who she has lived with all her life is just as popular yet she is not very headstrong or confident at all. Laura is polite to others and does not boast her fame while Rose takes delight in doing just the opposite. These characters will keep you a little more interested in reading the book then the story itself.

Finally the writing style of Elizabeth Knox is simple and effective. Elizabeth adds enough description to give the readers a good mental picture of what’s going on while keeping dialogue and action prominent. This gives the reader a good balance of knowing what’s going on and why while describing it enough to put a sharper image in the readers mind.
In conclusion Dreamhunter’s cast of characters will keep you interested with their diversity. However the story and what the characters do will make you wish you hadn’t picked up the book in the first place. The writing style is easy with few words that you won’t know; yet you may prefer that you didn’t read the book at all. The book will leave you with an overall in-satisfaction despite the good things about it; so just don’t pick it up.

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