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Someday this Pain will be Useful to You by Peter Cameron

November 10, 2011
By Jean16Bean PLATINUM, Batavia, New York
Jean16Bean PLATINUM, Batavia, New York
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"Writing is not hard. Just get paper and pencil, sit down and write as it occurs to you. The writing is easy-it's the occurring that's hard."-Stephen Leacock

James Sveck, 18, is plagued with his decision to not attend college. He is scared to socialize with his peers, and wants to buy a house in the country, learn a trade and read in his spare time. When the book begins, he is sure of his decisions, but as it goes on he becomes more and more unsure about things. He must deal with his attraction to an older colleague, and older sister who is involved with a married man, a "thrice married" mother and a father undergoing cosmetic surgery. He is closest to his Grandmother, who insists on being called Nanette, but also gets help from his unwanted therapist. Though this book has no thick plot or exciting or surprising ending, the multi-dimensional characters will keep every reader reader reading and caring about their fates.
This book provided funny, confused, and brilliant insight on life,mostly taking place in James' mind. Usually, when reading a book, I almost HOPE for disaster, for excitement. But while reading this I cared about James just as I would a friend, giving up the thick plots I love so much for his welfare.
I think that everyone over thirteen would love this book, and when I read some other reviews of it I noticed plenty of them were by praising adults. I was also very excited to find out it is being made into a movie by the same title, and I really hope it will do this amazing book justice.

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