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Halfway to Forever by Karen Kingsbury

September 22, 2011
By s.m.t. BRONZE, Brownsburg, Indiana
s.m.t. BRONZE, Brownsburg, Indiana
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"If you don't try you can't fail, but you can't win, either."

Halfway to Forever: A Story of Hope

Faith is a rock in the ever-changing sea of life. Even when things seem the most difficult, you can always rely on God. This is the prevailing theme of the book Halfway to Forever, by esteemed Christian author Karen Kingsbury. In this optimistic masterpiece, the characters’ faith becomes extremely important as they go through the pain of heartbreak, the terror of loneliness, and the horror of loss.

Halfway to Forever, the third book in the Forever Faithful series, is the story of four friends. Together, they have to remain unfaltering in their convictions and remember that God has a reason for everything that He does. This book was really meaningful to me because there have been times in my life, many times, when I’ve felt scared, lost, confused, or, even worse, like I just want to give up. During these times, I’ve looked to God for guidance. The characters in these books also have to remain strong throughout great trials.
After losing both her husband and one of her beloved daughters in a car accident, Hannah Bronzan is finally happy again. She’s remarried to a man who shares her great faith in God, and together they’ve adopted another beautiful little girl. However, as an unforeseen disaster threatens their now-perfect family, their faith’s strength is tested to the limits as they deal with the unexpected loss.

Jade and Tanner Eastman, the other two main characters, also seem to be getting along very well. Their joy is only augmented when they learn that, after a long struggle, Jade is finally pregnant. Tanner, a lawyer specializing in religious freedom, is working on what promises to be the case of a lifetime. Things couldn’t be more perfect, until Jade discovers that she has brain cancer. Will her newfound beliefs be enough to help her through this nightmare that threatens to take away everything she holds dear – her husband’s love, her friend’s hope, and even the life of her unborn child?

Through sadness and apparent ruin, these four friends have nothing to rely on but themselves and their belief in God Almighty. Can they make it through these apparently unconquerable challenges without losing hope? Karen Kingsbury’s characters are believable, her writing style masterful, and In arguably her best book yet, she once again blends drama, romance, and religion in perfect proportions, creating the perfect story of hope and love.

The author's comments:
I've always believed in God, and I admire Karen Kingsbury because I too want to share my faith with everyone so that they can feel his love for them as well.

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