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The Host

June 3, 2008
By Anonymous

Stephenie Meyer has been mesmerizing us for three years, having four books so far, The Host being the latest at the top of the New York Times bestseller list for a number of weeks at a time and her latest book The Host is not a disappointment, when I first heard of it I thought that it would be a let down because there was no Edward Cullen or Bella Swan but as I read the first chapter I realized that this book had something different to bring to the table.

Melanie Stryder one of the last remaining humans that haven't been taken over by "souls" is captured and is possessed by a soul named Wanderer because of the numerous rebirths that this particular "soul" has had making it particularly stronger than the others, but unlike most of the host bodies that the "souls" inhabit Melanie is fighting back, allowing Wanderer to view her memories of her younger brother and the man that she is in love with named Jared.

Melanie convinces Wanderer to go and search for her crazy Uncle Jeb in hopes of finding a way to save each other, and when they finally discover the hiding place of some of the last humans there is also another surprise, Melanie's family is living there too, but they don't take to the fact kindly that Melanie has been taken over by the very thing that they have sought so hard to destroy most of their lives. During their time there Wanderer who has then become Wanda, becomes part of the family, as Melanie begins to disappear into her own mind, with no way of knowing how to save her.

In the meantime they both overcome struggles within the body and outer struggles between them and their captors/family.

This story is a magnificent tale of love and loss, friendship and devotion, faithfulness and betrayel, a page-turner from beginning to end, you'll never want to put it down, and you'll never want it to end.

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