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Starcraft, Liberty's Crusade by Jeff Grubb

April 19, 2008
By Anonymous

Starcraft, Liberty’s Crusade by Jeff Grubb is an action packed futuristic fantasy that is based off of a very famous video game. It takes place far in the future in a different universe. The main character is Michael Liberty, a well known reporter of his time. Mike’s latest report angered a high figure so his boss has him lay low and do some field work with the military. His escort ship is the Norad II piloted by Edmund Duke, a stuck up general for the Confederacy (witch is basically the Government of the Universe). Mike was taken to Anthem Base on the planet Mar Sara. There he encounters blood thirsty Mutated aliens called the Zerg. The Zerg try to kill Mike but he is saved by Marshal Jim Raynor, the self proclaimed local law of his planet, who soon becomes his best and only friend.

He runs into a familiar face, one that that is on every wanted poster on his home planet, Arcturs Mengsk. He is the leader of a huge group of rebels named The Sons of Koral. Mike and Raynor basically join the rebellion and on their second mission they run into Lieutenant Sarah Kerrigan. She owes her life to Mengsk for saving her from being mind controlled. On the very same mission Mike’s comm unit picks up a transition from Duke, the Norad II had crashed and he needed to be rescued. Mengsk has Mike and Raynor go and get Duke so that he can convince Duke to join him but Kerrigan disappears. Duke joins the rebellion and Kerrigan Comes back however she is no longer human, she was infested by the Zerg and is seeking revenge.

This book is part of a series of three that follows the so the story goes on. This book is by far the best that I have ever read, and I don’t really like to read. it is very exiting and has a lot of action. Plus the way that Jeff Grubb writes the book he makes the story so much better. The best part about his writing is that he plays along with the story that the game provides. When I started to read this book I thought that it would be easy for me to read because I have already played and beaten the game before so I already knew what was going to happen. But to my surprise the book had opened up new doors for me and gave me answers to some of the questions that I had during and after playing the game. So whether or not you play the game I definitely recommend that you read this book.

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