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Spoiled Rotten by Dayle Cambell

February 15, 2008
By Anonymous

The book Spoiled Rotten by Dayle Cambell is about a girl that gets a new step mom and an annoying stepsister. In the beginning she goes on a boat trip with her dad, her mom, and her new annoying stepsister, Amy. She goes on a hike at night because her dad cancels the hike that they were going on because Amy wanted to go, and her dad said it wasn't fair to Amy. Amy finds out that she is going and she is planning to go with her, and she says that if Jessica doesn't let her go with her then she is going to tell her dad. So Jessica is forced to bring Amy. Along the way they find out that there is a bear near. Amy gets hurt and needs help so Jessica has to go get help, so she leaves Amy alone in the woods with a campfire and the dangers of a bear that could come around whenever!

I think that the theme of the story is going through family problems and changes. My purpose of writing this book review is to tell other people how great “Spoiled Rotten” is and to persuade them to read it.

I think that grades 4-7 would really enjoy this book especially girls. This is a good book to read if you are having problems with your family.
My opinion about this book is that it is really touching because it tells how family relationships can increase and decrease. I like this book because it has a great feeling at the end. Though you have to read it to find out why.

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