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A Dog Called Kitty by Bill Wallace

February 15, 2008
By Anonymous

The book that I read is a dog called kitty. (Who is the author)? Well bill Wallace is the author that writes the book a dog called kitty. I think that bill Wallace is an animal
Freak and loves to write about them. Who I think would like to read this spectacular book
Would be animal lovers and my fellow class mates also me friend Ryan. The theme of this book is animal fiction. What I would say to get people to read this book. What is special about this book is that in this book there is a boy that got attacked by a dog then he got one when he was older and now is in love with kitty. I would not want to include any criticism because I think this book is fantastic. I can compare this book to the movie to underdog because this book is allot like underdog but without the supper powers.


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