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Teen Idol by Meg Cabot

March 6, 2008
By Anonymous

What would you do if you got to spend the next two weeks with the hottest teen actor in the business? You can imagine Jen Greenley was pretty shocked when her principal announced that moviestar Luke Striker would come to her school. You see, nothing ever happens in Clayton, Indiana, where Teen Idol takes place. Jen got to show Luke around the school, but there was one catch – she couldn't tell anybody it was him (he'd be in a disguise to get “the real high school experience”). Luke and Jen get in many adventures together as he helps her find out who she really is.

This story is by Meg Cabot, who has also written the Princess Diaries series and other books. Even if a cute celebrity doesn't show up in your town, this book is still believable and well done. I think teenage girls would probably be the most interested in this New York Times bestseller, and I'd give it a nine out of ten.

Teen Idol was a hard book to put down; You just wanted to see the next exciting thing happen. You won't be disappointed with this excellent novel.

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