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Dear John by Nicholas Sparks

April 22, 2011
By acousticagl15 BRONZE, Athens, Ohio
acousticagl15 BRONZE, Athens, Ohio
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Dear John book Review
Dear John is a classic young adult book about strangers who coincidentally meet and fall in love. They are torn apart by war and time seems to separate them. But at the end has a unusual twist unlike many other romantic novels. Nicholas Sparks, a New York Bestseller author, wrote it with many other best-selling novels such as nights in Rodanthe, the last song.

In this book John is an unruly teen and he lacks attention from his father. They relationship is strenuous because his father has autism. Before John was a teen he used to have a good relationship with his father even though he never said much. They shared the same passion. They both loved collecting coins. The coin collection had been passed down from generation to generation. But soon after John outgrows this hobby. After high school graduation John sorts of bums around in South Carolina and does not go to college. All he does is drink and party. Soon he gets his life on track and decides to join the army. There he learns discipline and even gives up alcohol. He shapes his life and becomes a better person.

Savannah is a carefree spirit from the mountains of North Carolina. She is on the beach for a project when she meets john. She finds him intriguing and unique and after he saves her purse from the ocean they soon became good friends’ even lovers. She is currently in college and every summer she goes to South Carolina to help build houses for those in need. She does not believe in drinking or partying. She meets John when her purse falls into the ocean while standing on a deck and he jumps in to get it for her. She is very thankful of his chivalry and invites him to a bon fire. There she and John connect. She finds him intriguing even though most other would stay away mostly because of all the tattoos on his body.

They new couple are always together and their relationship seems promising until 9/11 and their lives completely change. John is sent to Iraq for a longer period of time and even though he writes to Savannah, their relationship is strenuous. Savannah eventually breaks of things with John and tells him it is for the best.

John only goes back home after the death of his father, while there he tries to see Savannah and find out where they went wrong. But he finds that she is now married to a friend and seems a lot more grown up and mature. Her husband has Melanoma and he only gets worse. John decides to sell his dad’s coin collection and donates all the money to Savannah’s husband. He gets better and he is released from the hospital.

John never gets to be with the girl he was meant to be with. Instead he is happy that she is happy with her life. He has no regrets. And he especially does not regret falling in love with Savannah.

I enjoyed this book very much. Dear John in my opinion was one of my favorite love storybooks out there. The story was mostly like a summer love more than anything. I also think if you need a good read either for school or just something to read and relate to. I would recommend this book to any hopeless romantic and if you are looking for a fast easy read. Even though it was a good read, it don’t not exactly match up to the other books I have read in this class.

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