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61 Hours by Lee Child

March 10, 2011
By swtmon945 BRONZE, Athens, Ohio
swtmon945 BRONZE, Athens, Ohio
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Recently, I read the book 61 Hours by Lee Child part of the Lee Child’s series. I must say that this book has a mysterious thriller to it. At first the book, is slow but the plot slowly rises page by page. This fictional mysterious thriller keeps you guessing throughout the whole novel. If I had to choose a theme for the story, then I would suggest the theme of courage and suspense.

The book starts out with a Jack Reacher, who is the main character hitches a ride on a tour bus with senior citizens. Shortly, the bus gets into a car accident near a small town in South Dakota called Bolton. The events of the novel are all in Bolton, South Dakota. Reacher used to fight in the army and graduated from West Point. Stranded in the cold, Reacher teams up with the Andrew Petersen ,Police Department of Bolton, to solve the mystery of an unknown dead man. Bolton is not just a small town but it holds one of the largest prisons. Chris Holland is the chief of the department and the guy who introduced Reacher to Petersen. Not only do they have to solve the mystery of the murdered man , they have to protect the prime witness ,Janet Salter, an old fragile lady. The novel/ story introduced the criminal Plato, who lives in Mexico. He is the mastermind behind all the murders and crimes. The question we don’t know is who murdering everyone under Plato’s control in Bolton. As you read you story you will be amazed at what happens next!

When I read this book, I thought the book was going to be boring because nothing was going on. Soon, everything started to change and the novel started to become exciting. The most suspenseful part of the novel has to be three fourths of the way through the book. I wish I could tell you what happened but it would be useless to read the book. From the novel, I would have to say Janet Salter is my favorite character. The novel describes her as a sweet, fragile and peaceful old lady always being nice and generous to everyone. Anytime someone came to the her house, she would make the guest feel at home.

This novel is confusing at times but very interesting. The part I hated about the book was when the author would make flashbacks on what Plato was doing and what was going on in Bolton. The ending explains why Plato was an important part in this mysterious thriller. Throughout the story, I think the author was trying to explain how Plato impacted the investigation going on in Bolton.

Overall, I liked this book a lot. I am willing to read it all over again. One thing I forgot to mention, Reacher asks help from the 110th special unit. He meets a girl named Susan who he build a mild romantic relationship with over the phone. The ending may also scary you a bit. If you read this book you are in for a surprise.

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