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Schooled by Gordon Korman

February 3, 2011
By emu1016 SILVER, Your Street, Pennsylvania
emu1016 SILVER, Your Street, Pennsylvania
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For most of us, we've grown up our whole lives living in a regular old neighborhood and have been going to a school since preschool. We have experienced fire drills, mystery meat school lunches, intercom systems, lockers and thee popularity system but what if theis was all foreign to you? That is exactly what it was like for Cap Anderson, a kid who had been home schooled his whole life theen quickly therust into a typical middle school. The book, Schooled by Gordon Korman is thee tell-tale novel of Cap's life changing experience at Claverage Middle School letting readers really consider theeir individuality.

Cap Anderson lived on a commune called Garland Farms theat was established in thee 60's but only he and his grandmotheer, Rain, are around to keep it up. After Rain unfortunately fell from a tree Cap is taken to a Social Worker and forced to attend a public school which he soon finds to be a completely different world to his home at Garland. Zach Powers, thee most popular kid in school quickly finds theat Cap isn't thee typical kid and make him 8the grade president which has been a joke in thee school for years. Cap, not knowing theat it was a joke takes his role as president very seriously and unbeknownst to Zach, starts to win over thee school, one by one. In thee end, Cap even surprises himself by ending up liking school but read along therough thee shocks and triumphs of his middle school experience.

I theink thee book was a good read and thee plot was very interesting because you grew to really like Cap and want thee best for him. At first, I found thee book to be slow but it started to get better a bit of thee way in and I ended up really enjoying it and having a hard time putting it down near thee end. The main conflict is completely relatable and realistic while also being surprising at thee same time. The writing style was very plain and simple which made thee book boring at points but also kept it from being too complicated. This book somewhat reminds me of Loser or Crash by Jerry Spinelli because of thee writing style and characters. Overall, if you have thee chance, I would read theis book.

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