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Safe Haven by Nicholas Sparks

December 15, 2010
By DreaH SILVER, Earlham, Iowa
DreaH SILVER, Earlham, Iowa
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Another Success for Sparks

When you live your life looking over your shoulder, how can you see what is up ahead? Katie, the main character in Nicholas Sparks’ newest novel, Safe Haven, lives her life just like that: scared, conflicted, and cautious. The acclaimed author of titles like The Notebook and A Walk to Remember has woven another story readers will become captivated by. This easy-to-fall-into book, infused with an inspiring love story and a haunting glimpse into the minds of two troubled individuals, is surely a great rainy day read.

With Spark’ writing style, it is effortless for the reader to fall into the story of Katie, a mysterious young woman that has just moved to a small North Carolina town. Everyone takes notice of the new presence in town, including the widower and hardware store owner, Alex. With the help of her neighbor Jo, Katie starts to let down her guard and put down roots. But what is her mysterious past? What causes her sudden mood swings and shifty behavior? If Alex and Jo have any say, they are going to figure it out. The author writes in such a way that the events are easy to connect to, and play out like a vivid movie in your mind.

After Sparks gets in your mind, he sweeps you off your feet. Readers soar away to Southport, North Carolina, where they feel like a true member of the town. This captivating love story will have any booklover gulping the paragraphs down, not able to wait for more. Katie and Alex’s enthralling dance around each other can be connected to by anyone who has experienced grief. With Alex being a widower, a clear picture of true love lost is etched into the pages of Safe Haven. Katie’s issues also entice the reader. Her past is catching up to her, and Sparks shows it clearly: with a sympathetic view into Katie’s mind and a shocking glimpse into the worries from her past. The author’s portrayal of psychological disorders is brilliant. It takes a keen sense of the human emotions to tap into that fountain of issues.

I only have one issue with Safe Haven: it was an archetypical Nicholas Sparks novel. There is one injured soul, who falls in love with another soul, who has had some kind of serious damage done to them in the past. Then a former lover is brought into the story line, and a big finale ensues. It is a great novel, do not get me wrong, but I predicted the complete ending (correctly, I might add) on page 234; it is a 340 page book. Any Nicholas Sparks follower would be able to give a rough ending by page one hundred.

Even though I predicted the ending early on, I was still enchanted by Katie’s story, and wanted—no, make that had—to read further. Overall Safe Haven is a fantastic novel; it has a connectable series of events that makes you feel a part of the storyline. It also depicts two psychological maladies that inspire both sympathy and resentment. With an interesting twist at the end, this novel should be read by all Sparks fans. I loved it so much I read it in just one day. If you have a spare moment, nab a copy of Safe Haven, by Nicholas Sparks. It is sure to beguile you.

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Great writing style. I myself just finished reading Safe Haven and am waiting to go see the movie with a friend. Keep up the great writing. Very good.