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All American Girl

October 9, 2007
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All American Girl
By Meg Cabbet

All American Girl by Meg Cabot was about a girl named Samantha (Sam)
who lived in Washington D.C. One day she went to a music store. When she came out of the store, the President of the United States was sitting in his limousine. He got out and walked in to Capital Cookies to get a cookie. When he came out of the store a crazy guy (Mr. Uptown-girl) shot at the President, so Sam jumped on his back and saved the President's life. During the fight Sam broke her arm. While in the hospital she met the President's son. Eventually she fell in love with him.

This story is hilarious. She is always saying and doing something crazy like painting portraits of her best friend, hang-gliding with Leonardo DiCaprio. There was not one moment where I wanted to put the book down! Even though this book is fiction and a 16 year could probably never save the President's life, Cabot made me believe it! This book is spectacular!

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