Jonathan Livingston Seagull MAG

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   Caught in a downward spiral into the depths of self-importance, I landed on this book. Jonathan Livingston Seagull is a story about a seagull discovering how to fly. The lesson taught by the novel is that humans can fly, too C despite lack of wings.

Jonathan is a seagull who has a passion for flying, but his flying is frowned on by the elders, who don't value passion. Jonathan rebels and flies for the pure enjoyment of it, and in the process learns a great deal. He is exiled from his original colony, but soon discovers a new level of existence for birds such as himself. Eventually, Johnathan becomes a teacher of what he learns, which is the end result of learning anything.

Although a simple story, Jonathan Livingston Seagull has significance and meaning. The book teaches lessons on how to live in the present and how important passion is to anyone who wishes to be truly alive. Richard Bach writes with a simple and elegant voice that will not leave anyone who wants to learn adrift.

It is a beautiful book, worth reading more than once

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