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Frindle by Andrew Clements

March 2, 2010
By David Olick Llano BRONZE, Cambridge, Massachusetts
David Olick Llano BRONZE, Cambridge, Massachusetts
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Who says that a pen has to be called a pen? “Why can’t it be called a FRINDLE? Nick ends up starting this big debate. Nick ,the main character ,has caused a lot of havoc in his whole school and through out the town. Although the school is an up roar, nick has managed to become the local hero. One minute he is trying to get the teacher side tracked, or the next he is teaching the town a new language. If you think a person can truthfully change. That’s why Andrew Clements book FRINDLE is a must read book.

While reading the book FRINDLE the character nick kept me laughing and en grossed in the book. One reason that this book is a must read book is because of this great character. Also my rating for this book would be an eight and a half out of ten. Therefore because of the just right size chapters. During the book I have been so caught up in it.

The book, FRINDLE, is fiction. Even through I don’t like reading fiction this is an exception. This book has now really put a lot of thought for reading. The theme of the book is this boy (nick) how he took a word from the dictionary and gave it to a pen. He was never able to stop his new invention, although he always liked words.

Also, the tone was not clearly identified in he book, but It feels like upbeat and humorous to me. I also would say that the title of the book is catchy. The authors writing style did not change at all. I think that the age of the boy is around 12 years old. the time of the story is in the last 10 years.

In conclusion, I would definitely recommend FRINDLE to any reader who has an interest in a funny ,mind boggling and though provoking fiction book. Frindle is also one of many other books that Andrew Clements has written. towards the end of the

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