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By Anonymous

   My Story is an autobiography in which Sarah Ferguson gives candid views of her life. The book begins with her early childhood memories and continues through the present.

The cleverly titled chapters reveal that there is more than meets the eye to Sarah Ferguson. The first chapter, "Rock Bottom," tackles the roughest period of the Duchess's life head on. Sarah does not attempt to sugarcoat her account of the scandal that eventually ended her marriage. She tells the facts by sharing her thoughts and feelings. This was one of the main reasons I enjoyed this book so much.

Throughout My Story I learned many facts I did not know, including her constant struggle with her poor self-image. I also learned interesting facts about the rules and regulations of Buckingham Palace. These harsh rules eventually led to Sarah Ferguson's departure.

I highly recommend this book to anyone who is interested in learning more about the Duchess of York's life. It is an interesting and humorous account of royal life. I found My Story to be an informative and inspirational book


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