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   Acceptable Risk is a novel by Robin Cook, who writes about the latest medical controversies. If this book hadn't been recommended, I probably would not have read it. But I'm glad it was, because I loved it.

Robin Cook confronts one of the most important issues of our time, personality-altering drugs and the controversies they raise. The story, set in the present, is written in the third-person point of view and the main character, Kim, is very shy and unsure of herself. Her cousin hooks her up with his friend, Edward, who is sort of a geeky scientist. On their first date they go out to dinner and Kim's cousin tells how one of his relatives was hanged as a witch during the Salem witch trials. Edward, completely fascinated, ends up convincing Kim to take him to the old house of her relatives, which is now owned by her family. After investigating the old house, Edward stumbles on evidence that leads him to believe that the Salem witch trials were caused by an hallucinogenic drug that was accidentally grown. This drug could have been the solution to the mystery of the witch trials. He continues to research the drug while Kim becomes ufi-ufi-ufi-ufi-ufi-ufi-ufi-ufi---fiu--fiu--fiu--fiu--fiu--fiu--fiu--fiunnuunnuunnuunnuuuuohuuohuuohuuohiitiiitiiitiiitiAA nAA nAA nAA nddr.ddr.ddr.ddr.iidaiidaiidaiidaeew eew eew eew ssesssesssesssesiihuiihuiihuiihuppatppatppatppatssihssihssihssihII hII hII hII h yk yk yk yknnulnnulnnulnnuleeroeeroeeroeero te te te teeegseegseegseegseec eec eec eec llsnllsnllsnllsnddn ddn ddn ddn eetaeetaeetaeetann nnn nnn nnn nuupluupluupluupl>>R >>R >>R >>R >B>B>B

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