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By Anonymous

   The book, I'll Be Seeing You, by Mary Higgins Clark, is a detractor's nightmare. It is a great book, and it's hard to spot visible errors in the story. I'll Be Seeing You is one of those books that you keep reading well into the night even though you have something important to do early the next morning. The plot is suspenseful and believable.

The main character is Meg Collins, a reporter for a local television station. Her father had recently been killed in a mysterious bridge accident, but his body was never found. Her mother is running out of money to pay the mortgage on the family inn, and the insurance company wouldn't pay due to the lack of a body.

All of a sudden, evidence that Meg's father is still alive begins to surface. His car (that supposedly went over the bridge with him) reappears, flowers are sent to Meg's mother by him, and other evidence appears that seems to show his supposed death was not true. Meanwhile, Meg's job as a reporter leads her to a fertility clinic, where there is a terrifying web of lying, cheating, and deceit. The answers to her father's "disappearance" also lie within those walls.

I'll Be Seeing You is an exceptional tale of misconception. Two pieces of information that don't seem connected may be, in reality, the key to the entire story. To solve the mystery, you must be clever and observant. It would make the perfect movie. The book was wonderful and anyone who loves a good old fashioned mystery should make their way to the bookstore and hand over a few bucks to read the realistic thriller of a lifetime. .

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