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Peterson's Book of Christian Colleges & Universities MAG

By Anonymous

   In my search for a college I came across the seventhedition of Peterson's Book of Christian Colleges & Universities. The bookprofiles leading colleges that emphasize academic quality and spiritual growth aswell as institutions of the Council for Christian Colleges andUniversities.

This guide opens up different educational possibilitiesavailable by allowing the reader to search by denomination, location,undergraduate major, graduate major and athletics.

The profiles havecrucial information about each college, including its mission statement, academicdegrees, special programs, baccalaureate fields, faculty to student ratios andweb address. Also included is information about career services, campus life,fraternities and sports. The essential information about applicationrequirements, chances of admission, tuition and other costs, and the statisticsof past graduates are also all there for your viewing pleasure.

I thoughtthe book was adequate. I felt that career services, fraternities and campussafety didn't need to be listed in the profiles because of redundancies. In afuture edition I would like to see the college setting described as urban,suburban or rural.

A dictionary of college terms in the back would also behelpful because there were some words I had to look up. More pictures would benice, too. I suggest pictures of college campuses and more color throughout thebook. If the book came with marker tabs (as some catalogs now do), it would bevery useful. I recommend this book to anyone considering going to a Christiancollege.


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