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Tuck Everlasting by Natalie Babbitt

December 16, 2009
By Anonymous

Tuck Everlasting

I know that there is no place like Treegap wood or village in real world, but Tuck Everlasting by Natalie Babbitt makes me feel like I am really at the setting of the book. This book is so well detailed and I understand how the setting of the book is exactly like. I also understand every little thing that happens in the book very well.

There are a lot of very interesting characters in this book, but one of my favorite character is Winnie Foster because she holds the key to everything. She is the owner of the Treegap wood, which is located at the center of the setting that holds everything together.

The book told me three things happened on the same day that had no connection between them. It is true that all three of them had no connection, and that made me want to read further, wanting to know how the story is going to end. Mae Tuck left her house and went on to the Treegap wood to see her two sons, Jesse and Miles, while Winnie was thinking about running away. At the same time, man in the yellow suit appeared at Foster’s gate looking for someone, but never said who. As you can see, there are no connection between them.

Another thing that made me curious and want to read further was some of the character’s age. When Mae left her house, she said there is no need to look herself in the mirror because she looked exactly the same for eighty-seven years. Not only her, but her husband, Angus, and Miles and Jesse looked exactly the same for eighty-seven years, too. This quote made me curious. I did not know why they were so old.

The Tucks explained what happened to them to Winnie, which I thought it was very interesting. When they took a drink from the spring in the wood Winnie owned, it made them live forever. Mae asked Winnie to come with them to meet Angus to tell her why she needs to keep it secret. I wondered why she had to keep it secret as well.

Angus is one of my favorite character as well because of the lesson he taught me. If the story about the spring in the wood spreads, everyone will take a drink from the spring, which will make them live forever. Angus thinks that dying is part of the cycle of the living organism. I thought it was very true. This is one of the lesson I learned from this book.

I thought this book was fantastic. The Tucks and Winnie goes through a lot of dilemma and that makes this book very interesting. I also thought this book was great because the story was a fantasy. I love fantasy books. Tuck Everlasting fits into the fantasy genre because there are good verses bad, love, and the story of the spring that will make you live forever. I love fantasy books because it never can happen in real life. I recommend this book.

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