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By Bapalapa2 ELITE, Brooklyn, New York
Bapalapa2 ELITE, Brooklyn, New York
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   Jon Krakauer, author and mountainclimber, is hired by Outside Magazine to write an article about thecommercialization of Mount Everest. Krakauer joins the climbing service AdventureConsultants, guided by Rob Hall, and tracks the events that take place during theweeks they are on the mountain. The climbers' experience varies dramatically;some are very knowledgeable, others are dependent on the guides.

As theyapproach the summit, a storm hits and everything begins to fall apart. Krakaueris well ahead of the storm, and most of his teammates have no idea what is instore for them.

Krakauer wrote this book after surviving alife-threatening disaster. Describing himself as fearful yet brave, it is clearthat this experience changed his life forever. Rob Hall is an admired climberhaving summitted the tallest mountain on each of the continents, and during theclimb helps many of the other climbers.

Andy Harris, another experiencedEverest guide, heroically attempts many rescues, but eventually his loyalty andunselfishness prove fatal. He is one of Krakauer's most trusted friends duringthe climb. Ang Dorje is Rob Hall's number one Sherpa (guide) and frequentlyperforms unbelievable acts of heroism, always helping other climbers and goingout of his way to the point of exhaustion.

The least interesting part ofthe book are the first few chapters where the climbers get ready for theirjourney. They are slightly boring, and I had some difficulty getting into itinitially.

The highlight was when Krakauer reached the summit. It wassuspenseful as he waited for and worried about the other climbers who werefollowing him.

I was interested in reading this story since I have anintense love for winter sports and mountains. I was not disappointed! Theadventure, suspense and action kept me intrigued.

Knowing this was a truestory made it even more interesting. The intense life and death situations arenot for the squeamish. Certainly, I would recommend it to anyone planning onmountain climbing.

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