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The court of thorns and roses

March 8, 2023
By grace477 BRONZE, Lethbridge, Alberta
grace477 BRONZE, Lethbridge, Alberta
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The Court of Thornes and Roses
The Court of Thorns and Roses is a romantic/ mystery book written by Sarah J. Mass, it is great for a mature teen who loves romance. It is based around a teenaged girl named Feyre, she lives in a small town where everyone is poor and starving. The small town is in the middle of nowhere, surrounded by deep woods. The woods are filled with wolves, but everyone is petrified to go and hunt because of a legend about things that disguise as a wolf and kill the local people. So, everyone just stayed in the town and starved being completely helpless. Until Feyre couldn’t bear watching her family starve anymore, she goes out into the woods, and she shoots and kills a wolf and a deer and drags them home. Then an unfortunate turn of events happens, and she has a choice to make, death or go into a different dimension and leave her family completely…
This book is a great option if you like a slow-burning romance novel, if not, it’s not the book for you. It is a fast read and once you get started after the thirty-page mark it is hard to stop. The plot is very griping and once you start reading before you know it, you will be finished. A lot of people lean toward this book because of how realistic and relatable some of the issues are examples are toxic/ mentally abusive relationships. Another pro to this book is that there is LGBTQ characters and people love the fact that there is a gay character in the book! Now to the cons, the book is awfully slow moving at the very start but after thirty pages or so, it picks up the paste. The two main male characters are a bit confusing, and you will get them mixed up at the beginning but after a bit you will get the hang of it.  There are 5 books to the story, so you must be incredibly careful about what order and not to get confused. Overall, I did enjoy the book, the pros over weighed the cons. I will undoubtedly continue this series! Hopefully this review helped you want or not want to read the book! And if you already have read it, I hope you agree!

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This book is a great slow, burning romance novel. This is a great book for mature teens.

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