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Review of The Hunger Games

November 5, 2022
By VioletEagle BRONZE, Bellingham, Washington
VioletEagle BRONZE, Bellingham, Washington
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The Hunger Games is a book that I read about three years ago. My parents wouldn’t allow me to watch the movie before I read the book. I mean, I’m sure if I really begged them they would say yes, but I enjoy reading, so I didn’t really care about this rule. Still, it took about 3 months after I started asking about it for me to actually read it. If you are a big reader, than you might understand having so many books to read; some that you want to read, and then some that you’re so excited about that you can’t wait to read them. This was me. I got The Hunger Games from the library at least five times and started to read it most of the times that I had it, but I would be thinking about other books that were next me that sounded better than this one, and that would automatically make the story seem boring, because I would just want to quit reading it, and move on to my other books.

Finally, after a few weeks, I had a zillion books on hold that I was so excited to read, but I only had The Hunger Games available for me at my house. So, I opened it that night and began to read it. I don’t remember what day of the week this was on, but I do know that my mom wasn’t going to the library for at least another four to five days, so this was my book until then. That was when I started getting into it. There were no other books that I wanted to read more that would get me out of reading this mediocre one. I was about a quarter of the way through it after about two-three days, and I was getting bored. If you have read The Hunger Games, you would know that the actual ‘games’ don’t start until halfway through, and the beginning is preparing for them. If you are reading this review and thinking about reading The Hunger Games, know that there is a chance, depending on your reading tastes, that you will be at bit bored like me, while reading the beginning.

I know for me, all I wanted was for the freaking games to start so that it would get more exciting. For my mom when she read it, she loved the whole book, beginning to end, and found the beginning to be super entertaining, so it really depends. What I would say however, is that the beginning, in my opinion, was a bit long and boring, but it became really good and super entertaining and suspenseful as soon as she entered the woods for the games. There is more that I could say on this book, but I don’t want to spoil anything for people who haven’t read it. I would recommend this book, and I rated it online as four out of five stars!

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As I say in the review, I would recommend the book! My first paragraph in the review is a bit hard to understand, and it would make more since if I could show you in person, but that obviously won't work, so just do your best to understand it. Thank you for reading! 🙃

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