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A Rumor of War by Philip Caputo

May 26, 2009
By josh rivas BRONZE, Niles, Illinois
josh rivas BRONZE, Niles, Illinois
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In “A Rumor of War” Philip Caputo portrays many characters, but the three that seamed to stand out most in the book were three Lieutenant Caputo, Lieutenant Neal, and Sergeant Sullivan. These three characters were characters that the author mostly revolved around, which obviously made them the main characters throughout the book. The three actors that I chose to play those characters were Jason Statham as Lieutenant Caputo, Tommy Lee Jones as Lieutenant Neal, and Jake Gyllenhaal as Sergeant Sullivan. The reasons why I chose those actors to play the role of the characters from the book are because what was said and what had happened in the book.
First I chose Jason Statham to play the role as Lieutenant Caputo because he is known to be very impulsive and a very energetic actor. In the book, Caputo was a guy who did not like to sit around all day unless the higher ranks forced him to sit down and write paper after paper. He was happy to sit for a little bit but he sat down too long and was always requesting to be moved to the front line which I think is why Jason would be perfect for this role. The part that really influenced my choice was when Caputo was on the frontline and then “we snapped and with my whole platoon we went rampaging through one of the towns in Vietnam setting everything ablaze” said Caputo.
The second actor that I chose was Tommy lee Jones to play the role of Lieutenant Neal. He would always pick a fight with who ever gave him some attitude when giving him the report of their casualties and/or wounded. To me, Tommy Lee Jones has that kind of personality that he can pick a fight with anyone for no simple reason. The part that really helped me in who I was going to pick was when Neal was starting to have an argument with Caputo just because Caputo was getting a little too loud then Neal said “if you get any louder I will put my foot up your ass when you get back to camp”.
The third actor that I picked was Jake Gyllenhaal to play the role of Sergeant Sullivan. Sullivan had always had some kind of happy expression on his face. I started to think of Jake Gyllenhaal always having a happy expression on his face. I started to think of other characters as well but when I read what Caputo said it made me pick Jake. Caputo said “He had grown used to seeing his living face all the time”.

I chose these three characters to play the roles of Caputo, Neal, and Sullivan in the upcoming movie based on the book “A Rumor of War” by Philip Caputo which will come out in 2008. These three characters should make the movie of the year, which is why they where chosen.

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