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April 24, 2019
By MonikerGrim94 BRONZE, Norcross, Georgia
MonikerGrim94 BRONZE, Norcross, Georgia
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“Seconds later, three shots were fired in my direction. My ears rang from the shots striking the wall, and I was paralyzed with fear.”

It’s sad, but it’s almost as if we’ve all become numb to mass shootings. When I received “Parkland Speaks,” I didn’t think much about it. But soon enough, I found myself completely immersed in the stories with tears streaming down my cheeks. This book beautifully gives voice to the students and staff who endured the tragedy at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School just over a year ago. Through their first-hand experience, at times in their own handwriting, these beautiful and raw stories illuminate their emotional journey filled with fear, confusion, grief, anger, guilt, sadness, determination, healing, and hope. Some of them tell the story of that harrowing day. Their recollection of the horror is so
vivid, I felt as though I was hiding in the closet with them. Although I know the event has passed, I wished I could jump into the moment and do whatever I could to prevent the tragedy. The book is raw and unfiltered, and at times it can a tough read. However, it is beautifully written and a poignant representation of the emotions felt by these students.

This is a must-read book to understand the emotional and physical toll of gun violence on the youth of this country. It also allows readers to reflect on their lives and appreciate the short time that we have left. I think that all the politicians, especially the president, should read this book and let it emanate so that more can be done about gun violence in our country.

The author's comments:

This book is raw and unfiltered so I do want to emphasize that, at times, it can a tough read. But it is beautifully written and a poignant representation of the emotions felt by these students.

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