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February 28, 2019
By haydensnider BRONZE, Monroe, Wisconsin
haydensnider BRONZE, Monroe, Wisconsin
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The Secret Agent and Other Spy Kids by Allan Zullo contains very engaging, thrilling, adventurous true stories about spy children and how they were useful to countries in battle. One teenage spy is Ingeborg Klein, a French agent of German birth. During her job as a spy, her life is threatened many times. She is very smart about what she does as it can been fatal if she even makes the slightest mistake.

While there are many themes in this book, the one that seems to stick out most across all the stories is that bravery and patriotism can be shown no matter what age you are. Every teen wants to help out their country even though it could cost them their life, proving that kids are not just young, useless babies; they can serve a helpful purpose.

This book really showed me that age does not matter and can actually be useful when doing particularly hard or dangerous jobs. Some of the people were only let into the enemy’s lines because they were young children, but the people on the inside didn’t know that the children were spies. I really liked the book because it does prove that teens are more useful than people think and not just immature goofballs that can’t prove themselves as valuable members of society until they are able to work.

There are many reasons you should read this book, starting with the fact that it is very interesting and a great page turner. But also because it tells about the history of countries that were benefited from espionage. The book gets emotional when the children encounter danger and have to quickly act on their toes to figure out how to get themselves out of the situation. Overall, The Secret Agent and Other Spy Kids is an engaging book that shows just how crazy cool the teens involved were. The stories are emotional, historic, and worth a read. 

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This is an amazing book, you should definitly check it out.

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