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The Dopeman's Wife

January 25, 2019
By maite-slade03 BRONZE, Sacramento, California
maite-slade03 BRONZE, Sacramento, California
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“ Welcome to the world of money, murder, love, and deception.” Known for his urban books JaQuavis Coleman gives us “The Dopeman’s Wife”. Once you in the streets there isn’t a way out of it. See our story starts off with Nautica who unfortunately falls in love with one of east coast’s biggest drug kingpins Zion, from there her life falls apart or does it fall in place ?

“ The Dopeman’s Wife” is a sexy, thrilling and a page turning trilogy. The book is full of twist and turns every page is a part deeper into the story. The characters in the book are very relatable an so is the situation the characters be in. The situations that they get put in are always dangerous and murder is involved.

The main characters are Zion and Nautica. Nautica is a part time stripper/ fast food worker and Zion is a drug dealer, it was meant to be. They match each other very well. It’s my favorite book out the trilogy because it’s the explanation and first thing to the story without the first one you wouldn't know anything else.

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