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Jay's Journal

January 25, 2019
By Deisi8 SILVER, Sacramento, California
Deisi8 SILVER, Sacramento, California
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Teenagers are teenagers. As most young people are Jay was interested in all the weird or unknown things of this world. Teenagers will do a lot of things without knowing the consequences of things. Sometimes you will like the outcome and other times you won’t like it at all. Jay’s journal is about a 16 year old boy who got involved things most teenagers are curious about. He ended up regretting it….

Jay was not alone in this adventure though. Jay had two best friends Dell and Brad which also were in the same things he were in. Jay fell in love with a young girl named Tina who he deeply loved. All four of them were involved with trying to discover powers and getting involved with witchcraft. They were always trying to discover new powers with each other and even tried some rituals.

Jay started like any other teenager in school getting involved with a lot of school activities. He was kind of a nerd he always had good grades. Jay even worked with his dad at a pharmacy. Then he started dating a girl named Debbie and he would have steal pills for her. Jay eventually got caught and got sent away. While he was away he got introduced to powers, rituals, and witchcraft. He introduced this whole idea to both his best friends. They got deeper into all the unnatural things in this world.

I like this book because it talks about things that are mysterious and because the way the book is written makes me get engaged since it’s how a teenager talks. In the book Jay says ,”I must forgive myself for all the rotten things I’ve done”. I think the way Jay says things or the things he goes threw could relate to a lot teenagers. I know I’ve done things in the past that i couldn’t forgive myself for and i’m pretty sure other people have too.

I recommend this book to all the curious people in this world. To all the people who believe in witchcraft. In my opinion this was a good book especially for all the curious teenagers out there.


By-Deisi Gonzalez

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