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The Shining

October 22, 2018
By ElQuako BRONZE, Boston, Massachusetts
ElQuako BRONZE, Boston, Massachusetts
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The Shining is a great book that I really enjoyed. The Shining was Stephen King’s third published novel. The book got published in 1977 and was a bestseller bomb as it introduced many readers to the horror genre.

The book is about Jack Torrance who is a recovering alcoholic who accepts the position of a caretaker at the Historic Overlook Hotel in the Colorado Rockies. His family joins him on his job including his son Danny Torrence who possesses “the shining,” a psychic ability that allows Danny to look at the hotels horrific past.

This added a sense of supernatural horror that mixes up the book and makes the plot more interesting. The book exceeded my expectations and had me blown away by the carefully assembled plot that really changed my perspective. For example, after a snowstorm leaves them trapped, supernatural forces begin picking away at Jack’s sanity, putting his wife and son in immense danger. This is when my perspective on the book changed for the first time. When I first started reading I expected something different and I was very surprised (in a good way) and it made me like the book better for the unexpected way the horror twisted.

The book brings out that feeling of horror that so many books lack. The book did such a good job giving me a sense of hopelessness and fear when I was reading it. I truly worried for each of the characters and cared about them. I actually felt scared even when I wasn’t reading the book, just when I was thinking about it. And I was wrapped up and couldn’t stop thinking about it!

The book also did a great job with carefully thought out characters that you can really relate to sometimes. This helps you picture how scary the situation would be from each character’s perspective.

One of the best parts of the book is how King isn’t afraid to write what he wants. The book makes a big impact with each twist and event that happens which gives the plot a deeper meaning. The mix of supernatural horror and insanity go together so well with King’s writing. This horror classic the shining makes you never want to stop reading because it is really well written and the writing flows.

Some people don’t enjoy King’s style of writing but I personally enjoy it. The Shining is a hit or miss for some people as the writing is strange and somewhat bizarre. The Shining was the book made Stephen King famous. “The Shining” is my all time favorite book.

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