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October 22, 2018
By Calista_04 BRONZE, Grafton, Massachusetts
Calista_04 BRONZE, Grafton, Massachusetts
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Do you like Dystopias? Utopias give us an idea of a perfect life, where nothing can go wrong. Dystopias show a life where nothing is ok, and there’s always something wrong. Do you like adventurous books? In the book Divergent, a girl (the main character) named Tris, turns sixteen. Now that she is sixteen she is forced to find a new home, in the Faction she chooses. There are five different Factions, Amity, Dauntless, Candor, Erudite, and Abnegation. A Faction is a place that is its own city in the sector given. There are buildings, and places you go to a train, and then there’s the headquarters. Each faction has their own headquarters, and buildings. Each person gets to choose what faction they want to go to, themselves.

The Factions are one of the most interesting parts of this book. Tris is conflicted with the Faction she chose. They don’t run things as it seems they do, they’re more strict, and violent than she thought. She was looking for a good time and to be free but got the opposite.

The book and movie have some differences that create different problems. In the book Tris might experience something  that never happens to her in the movie. Or in the movie, there will be a scene that doesn't happen exactly the same in the book. The book and movie share relatively the same events, but sometimes the events get changed, taken out or even replaced. It doesn't matter if you watch the movie first or read the book first.

Tris is a very strong, and independent person. She gets thrown and tossed by the conflicts in her life, but manages to keep her balance. She is also curious, and can be kind at times. But the place she chose and the dangers of what she is forces her to be more foot down than loose. She is my favorite character for this reason.

I imagine Tris to be short, with brown hair, brown eyes, and white. I get this image from how she is described, and how the movie presents her. In the book she has blond hair, where in the movie she has brown hair. But I can’t picture her with blond hair, so I picture her with brown hair. Reading can give you the ability to change things a little.

The reading level  is about 9th grade, because there are some mature moments/events. It’s an easy read for me, but every now and then I get a word I’m not sure about.  For someone who doesn't like to read as much might not want to read this book, because the book is larger, and can take a slower reader longer to finish the book. Anyone who doesn't mind spending time on an adventurous, and descriptive book will find it worthwhile to read Divergent.

Anyone who likes Dystopias, forbidden love, danger, or conflicted day to day life, should read this book. Her love with another person is to not happen Tris part takes in dangerous activities, and every day a new challenge is added. Are you up for the adventure?

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