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It Seems

March 11, 2009
By Adam Jorgensen SILVER, Dell Rapids, South Dakota
Adam Jorgensen SILVER, Dell Rapids, South Dakota
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It seems to be that you must be as small as a toothpick to fit into society's norms today. Not true, at all. You do not have to be one hundred pounds underweight to be wanted by someone or belong somewhere. Everyone has the right o be loved and cared for. No matter what their size, shape, color, or sexuality is. People in America are said to be some of the most judgmental and hypocritical people in the world. I still get called fat from time to time or told I am getting fat. This may come off as a joke to some people but I take it to heart, every time. I'm recovering from anorexia mixed with some other health problems, and no matter how funny a fat joke may seem, it still hurts. It could be hurting someone, way more than you know.

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