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Review of 77 Percent Equal

December 2, 2015
By HumbleBee SILVER, Defiance, Ohio
HumbleBee SILVER, Defiance, Ohio
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Hannah V's "77 Percent Equal" is an enticing mix of daring and poetic stories that tell the struggles of being a woman.  There are three stories, and each one of them captures so well three different troubling aspects of a woman's life.  Her opening "She's twenty-three, a clever little thing / with dreams bigger than the blue eye she caught hi with," is attractive and catches attention quickly. Hannah uses her words in such a way that after reading each story, the reader knows exactly what the underlying issue is in the world, and although I have not experienced these problems, as a woman, I see them around me and prepare myself.  Including pretty rhyme, Vogel also does such a wonderful job at making these stories easy to read, and this makes it easier for people who are unaware of these injustices to realize and become proactive.

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