Educator of the Year Nomination

Educator of the Year Nomination
Mrs. Temple

I remember walking into my 8th grade science class my first day of school. I saw Mrs. Temple which who I am nominating for the Educator of the Year Award. The moment I walked in she introduced her self to me I thought “ she is really nice”. I knew from that moment that she was going to be a teacher that I liked and now I’m nominating her for the Educator of the Year Award for these reasons.
I know that a lot of kids have a favorite teacher and I am going to explain why Mrs. Temple was my favorite teacher. She is the most helpful teacher that I ever had, and she would always put up with all my stupid behavior. I am a kid that does not understand something right as the directions are given out. I would always ask plenty of questions, but unlike a lot of teachers, she would not get frustrated with me she would be patient and help me. At the end of the year it began to get to her, but not in away that she would yell at me, what she would do is she would bribe me. In order to keep me from asking questions she would tell me “If you don't ask questions all class I will give you gum after class” she knew that I would always chew gum, and she thought that giving me gum after class was a good idea. You know it really worked and kept me paying attention during class so I would understand the topic and not ask questions; I maintained a A+ average .
The thing I liked most about Mrs. Temple was that she always came into school with a smile and even if she was mad, she never took it out on her students. She was such a good teacher. She communicated well with everyone, and it was a class that I never failed. I was always paying attention because I was so interested and happy every day to come to see her in class. We would always do fun hands-on activities like one time it was a nice day so she thought it was a good day to go outside, and we did. We learned about deer that day something that I will never forget. I honestly could consider her less as a teacher and more as a friend because not only was she an amazing teacher, but I could talk to her as if she was a teen, yet she was still mature as can be.
Mrs. Temple would always joke around and would be funny but at the same time a great teacher and always focused on getting the lesson of the day done. I honestly can’t think of anybody that had a problem with her; she was so close to everyone especially my friends of 8th grade. She was always congratulating me in earning honor roll and she helped me get where I am now into the Delaware Military Academy. With out her I don’t know if I would be as good at science as I am now. I survived my 8th grade year, but she was really the only teacher that was there for me.
It’s sad to think that my 8th grade year is over, but I really am looking forward to my future years at the DMA. I hope to go back to Gunning Bedford to visit her in my DMA uniform sometime soon. Hopefully, I can find another teacher that was just like her one day. There are many great memories with her that I will remember throughout my whole life. For all of these reasons, I’m nominating her for the Educator of the Year Award.

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