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August 31, 2008
By MarissaB SILVER, Paducah, Kentucky
MarissaB SILVER, Paducah, Kentucky
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I'm a very easily bored person. Some things don't hold my attention for long, especially virtual pet sites. Maybe I have about a month long period of interest, then I decide I'm over it. It never pops up in my mind again, except for some long lost memory of "oh, that was sort of fun, but I wanted something more from it."

Well, I found that something more in Dogrealm.

I believe what makes this website so wonderfully addictive is not only its reality - the dogs bred are gentic based, and become combinations of their parents stats and health - but also the community. The other players are friendly, as a whole, and respectful of others opinions. They are open-minded, and they don't give nasty, perverted comments like some do on other sites.

Another part of what makes this site so great is the staff. The owner keeps things under watch without ruling things under an iron-fist. The moderators and admin are active and discipline without offending. The rules are, on the whole, listened to.

The game is also fair. You don't have to pay for better, upgraded accounts. Everyone's equal. Everyone has an equal chance at being the best and obtaining the highest statted dog on the game. There's nothing needed to download, you just play.

And, after nearly four months, the constant activity and flavor of the game has kept me with it.

Thank you, Dogrealm, for giving me a game worth playing.

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on Mar. 22 2009 at 1:40 pm
Phoenix22 PLATINUM, Danbury, Connecticut
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Sounds loke a great game. I think I will check it out.

on Nov. 25 2008 at 2:31 am
I know I <3 DogRealm. My attention has been held there for over 5 months,. I love the community, and have found lots of support there. An overall great web page!