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Types of kids in High School

April 10, 2013
By Gorman BRONZE, Rocky Hill, Connecticut
Gorman BRONZE, Rocky Hill, Connecticut
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There are always those types of kids that just get on you nerves through the day in high school. Not all kids may get on your nerves some you might think are real cool and you actually hang out with them. Types of kids range from high end students to dumber kids they will always exist in high school no matter what school you go too. There are 10 types of kids listed in this essay but there are far more than ten these are just the most common you will encounter with during a day in high school.

Teachers Pet: You will come across some annoying people in high school. The most annoying are the teachers pet. They will do anything to get attention from the teacher. Teacher’s pet usually snitch and a snitch is someone who consistently tattles on someone for something stupid. For example Julia over heard Arthur saying that this paper is the dumbest thing the teacher ever handed out. Then Julia raises her hand and tells the teacher what he or she said. Its not only annoying but you will never gain friends people will label you as teachers pet and who knows the teacher might use you too. Another form of the teachers pet is the one who sweet talks the teacher. For example “Ohhhh My God you shoes are fantabulous” and the teacher feels complimented and it’s an on going cycle from their.

Class Clown: The class clown is the teacher’s worst nightmare. Class clown is not a good thing to be labeled as from a teacher but an accomplishment to be called a class clown from your peers. The class clown is the rebel he or she will do anything to get on the teachers nerves and cause a disruption. A class clown doesn’t go a week without being sent to the office.

Nerd: The nerd is the one who constantly gets the best grades the top 10% in the class and the most obnoxious individuals around. The nerds get their work done and only take high level classes. They will tend to say “Ohhh I didn’t even study and I got a 105%” umm yes you did because all you do is study. Even though nerds get great grades and the are respected by teachers they tend to be either super annoying or really shy.

Hipster: The hipsters are the “SWAG” crew they care about everything they wear and they always try to wear their hat in class, WTF are you doing its not sunny in this room there is no windows. Hipsters walk around with their pants hanging low like they just took a number 2 in there pants. All the teachers say to pick up their pants and they say they are too big then what the hell are you wearing pants 4 sizes bigger than your waist for. Also they care so much about their “shoe game” they walk awkwardly so they don’t crease their sneakers but they just look so dumb walking like penguins. Girl hipsters always try to seek a new trend. They want a look no other girl has so they could be individuals.These are what hipsters are individuals trying to be noticed.

Stoner: The stoners are the types of kids that are a little bit slower than the others. They tend to fail classes and sleep in most. Their eyes are always red and droopy for some reason and they never seem too care. Stoners just want to sleep and eat and laugh at things normal people wouldn’t find funny at all. Stoners usually have a specific style wearing red yellow and green to say they support Rastafarian religion “can you even spell Rastafarian?” exactly just shut your mouth and enjoy your Potato chips.

EMO: The Emo is the types of kids that look sad or pissed off at the world. They wear black and their style is either covering everything or showing everything id you know what I mean. The boy Emo kids wear the same things over and over again with tight necklaces and tight wrist cuffs. The girl Emo wears fishnets and dark makeup and a lot of plastic jewelry. Emo kids are depressing to look at and they honestly stand out because they want attention so they would do anything for it.

Borrower: The Borrower is the kid that sits near you and always needs something. “Yo dude can I have a piece of paper” or “Hey man do you have an extra pencil?” First off got to your local CVS and buy your own stuff. A 12 pack of pencils is $0.99 come on get your stuff together. The borrower will ask you for a pencil everyday till you run dry then you will be asking for materials.

Bully: The Bully is the big kid that has no friends and just looks very intimidating. But what people don’t understand the bully is usually the n nicest kid you can get to know. Their tuff looks may look scary but if you get to know them they might be one of the coolest kids you’ll ever meet. Don’t judge a book by its cover as I like to say.

Jock: The Jock is usually a guy who is the best at the school sports. They start varsity for 3 different sports and they are one of the strongest in the school. Jocks are always working out and taking their supplements. Randomly in class they will whip out a protein shake and start chugging away at it. They will always complain saying there gains are going away “Keep calm” as I like too say I wouldn’t want to see a “roid rage” occur in the middle of class. Jocks usually get the hottest girls and throw the craziest parties.

The Romantics: The romantics are the two love birds always kissing or hugging each other every minute of the day. They will tend to say “ Oh honey how was your day babe” you said that to her like 15 minutes ago and you were with her so not much has changed without you knowing. The romantics are always swapping spit and getting intimate in the middle of the hallway. This isn’t a whore house or a bed room take it some where else. When I see this happen in the hallways I always tend to have a little chuckle how pathetic.
Their wont be a day in your high school life you will not see a few types of people listed. They are everywhere and they are growing. No one wants to be normal anymore.

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