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November 20, 2007
By Huston Barber, Nicholasville, KY

Like realist sitcoms, well then check this show out. It’s called “Scrubs”. This show is the best in years, it has it all, great acting, unusual conflicts, and realistic situations.
The plot is very good in this sitcom because the show some pulls the viewer in with it’s very funny and very odd conflicts. Scrubs has an odd way of being funny, the main character has flash backs about the conflicts. One of the odd but yet realistic conflicts is when JD starts to like a patient which happened to be his boss’s ex-wife, but did not know.
Acting… the acting on this show is probably the most important things in “Scrubs”. With out the acting by each character in “Scrubs”, it my not be as high on the ratings as it is now. The actors (acting) are just fantastic. They absolutely bring the show to life. The writing is perfect for the actors in ‘scrubs’, the way that the actors are able to make the writing even funnier.
The theme is very good in this show. There is a different thing in every episode. The most memorable theme is the episode where JD starts to like a patient which happens to be his boss’s ex wife. She try’s to take control over him, and finally he fights back.
Great Activity, unusual conflicts, and real life situations, this show has it all. I hope you liked my review. I hope it has persuaded you into watching the show “scrubs”. Well that’s all I have to say now it’s your turn to speak off ‘Scrubs.'

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