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Gilligan's Island

November 20, 2007
By Jazmin Frank, Wilmore, KY

Have you ever wanted to take a day off from your problems and relax as you sail across the ocean? Well so did the two man crew of the SS Minnow and its five passengers on “Gilligan’s Island” (seasons on DVD available at your local Wal-Mart). This group of seven set sail for a three hour tour but their trip turned out to be a little bit longer. “Gilligan’s Island” is definitely a must see sitcom because of the hilarious characters, interesting storyline, and excellent interactions.

The character of Gilligan, played by the talented Bob Denver, is known for always messing things up. In one episode he was trying to help the others build a shelter but ended up knocking it down. Although Gilligan is awkward and clumsy, he can usually find a unique way to get out of trouble or to finish a task given to him. For example, Gilligan is told to dry some wet clothes that had gotten wet from a storm. He does so by dressing in each article of clothing and standing by the fire. Gilligan is a different kind of comedic character with his goofy appearance and naïve personality. He’s just a kid at heart.

The interesting storyline of “Gilligan’s Island is what really makes this show worth the watch. The passengers of the SS Minnow are stranded on an uncharted island in the middle of the Pacific Ocean after their boat was damaged in rough water. Now these seven totally different people must learn to coexist as well as survive as they try to find a way to get rescued. In one episode, the group must build a shelter to protect themselves from an approaching storm. But when everyone wants to separate and build their own huts, things get complicated. The Skipper and Gilligan must convince everyone that it is better to build one shelter until storm season is over. In each new episode a new problem arises and the group must work together to solve it whether it be finding water, gathering food or figuring out a new way to be rescued form their island prison.

Now, the characters aren’t what make this show entertaining. It’s the lines that are put into the characters’ mouths by the talented writers. Hilarious interactions between characters are what keep the viewers coming back for more. When Skipper, the captain of the SS Minnow played by Alan Hale Jr., and Gilligan get into an argument, I never know what to expect. In the episode “Home Sweet Hut” the two argue over how the skipper treats Gilligan. It’s interesting to watch Gilligan provide quotes of what Skipper says to his “little buddy”. Gilligan tells of a time when he asked what he could do to help and Skipper’s reply was, “Sit down and shut-up”. These types of interactions are what add extra humor.

“Gilligan’s Island” will make your sides hurt from laughing at its one of a kind characters, comic dialogue and original plot. Just watch one episode of this hilarious sitcom and you will be hooked. So get a hold of the DVD, get comfortable and enjoy this amazing sitcom.

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