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November 20, 2007
By Meagen Corley, Nicholasville, KY

When most adults watch Seinfeld, you hear roars of laughter. “It’s hilarious, and a total knee slapper some may say. Notice how I mentioned “adults”, yet dismissing teens. This sitcom leaves us kids hearing the only sound of crickets chirping, Seinfeld focuses on four adults (Jerry, George, Elaine, and Cramer) living it up in New York City. This show (TBS at 5:00 p.m.), is not credited for their savory chemistry among the characters, but for their lack of enjoyment. Teens have no way of relating to the plots, which leaves our minds blank. The TV sitcom Seinfeld is agonizing to watch because the characters are unconvincing, the writing is dry, and the acting lacks the ability to grab the viewer’s attention.

Jerry is seen on the show often as a comedian. Being as comedians are funny, he is not. His jokes lack humor, such as when he discusses why women always have so many cotton balls? They just display why this show is for adult audiences. The chemistry between the characters is also absent. When they are together you don’t feel the relationships. For example when Jerry and Cramer are in the apartment that Cramer broke into, the tension isn’t there. You know that Jerry should be upset, but the way they talk leaves you with aggravation. Lastly you can not even figure out their clear characters personalities. Most characters are ditzy, depressed, crazy, or many other personalities, but you wouldn’t know who is what in this show. Their lack of voice range and appearances don’t click to show how each character is set up.

It’s one thing to have a natural sounding conversation, which Jerry and George very well portray. Yet it’s another when the conversations are based around horrible dialogue. You would think two adult men conversing about dating would be funny wouldn’t you? Well Jerry and George certainly work well together, but their lines don’t include any humor or expression. The writing lacks lines you can relate to and the plots include no creativity. So if you’re looking for a show to enjoy, look elsewhere. Seinfeld does not crack a smile.

In theatre your director would want you to use the stage to your advantage. Well in film, as a viewer, I would love to see the characters move around. The acting in this show is not very professional. It seems to have the least blocking in any show I’ve ever seen. Also I don’t hear anything attention grabbing. Honestly the only thing this show has going, is the actors/actresses facial expressions. When Elaine and Jerry are out to eat, Jerry is trying to hook up with other women. Elaine keeps interrupting and Jerry’s face seems to squish up.

Overall Seinfeld is a show that makes teens flees. It’s for varied audiences you could say. So when that show comes on, get your remote control ready. The dry awkward people, rancid script, and neglected acting leave Seinfeld a show to pass up.

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