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The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air

November 20, 2007
By Sky Casals, Nicholasville, KY

Some people say those rich families are always stuck up. But definitely not this family! The Fresh Prince of Belair is about a boy named Will who is moving to Belair with his uncle Phill, aunt Vivian, and his 3 cousins Hillary, Carlton, and Ashley because his mom wants him to have a better life. Soon Will finds out that Belair isn’t too bad. As he says there is a lot of “fly hunnies”. But Will seems to keep getting in trouble, but his family and him always solve them. The show comes on the N on channel 169, at 9:00p.m. The Fresh Prince of Belair is a great show to watch because it will make you laugh, it’s original, and they seem natural at acting so it seems like you’re watching an actual family.

First of all, its originality has your everyday problems but with a little twist. Like in this one episode, Wills best friend Jazz is getting married and Will is going to miss him (the normal problem). But Jazz’s soon to be wife kisses Will and Will doesn’t know if he is going to tell Jazz or not( that’s the twist). So Will decides not to tell Jazz and before they say “ I do” Jazz’s fiancé says “ I cant do this” and runs out and Will finds out that she only kissed him so he would tell Jazz and he would call the whole wedding off! But Will speaks is wise words to the bride and she says she loves Jazz she was just scared but he wedding will go on.

Second of all, the characters have natural ability to act. It’s like when they are arguing it seems like they are really arguing. Or when Will is cracking his fat jokes on uncle Phill, it seems like he doesn’t even use a script he just has natural funniness. It’s like they all know what they’re doing when they are shooting the show. It’s really fun to watch the show.

Third of all, the characters Phill, Vivian, Carlton, Hillary, Ashley, and Will seem to fit the role perfectly in the show its like they all form a real family when they are shooting the show on stage. Also off stage. Its like if they weren’t on TV you would think they were a real family.

Lastly, as you already know The Fresh Prince of Belair is a show to watch because of it originality, holarisnuss, and its spirit to bring you up. So I strongly recommend watching the show on c channel 169 at 9:00… witch of course is a great place to keep it!

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jce123 said...
on Sep. 22 2008 at 11:39 pm
You have alot of spelling errors and you could use more descriptive language or background on the characters. Pretty good.