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The Story of Stuff

March 22, 2010
By _SoftSpot_ GOLD, Seabeck, Washington
_SoftSpot_ GOLD, Seabeck, Washington
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Why has no one started to change the world? Honestly, no one wants to. We’re all too lazy, irresponsible, and we all were taught to regularly shunt the rising global apocalypse that we’ve created to the side, firmly convinced someone else will take care of it. Now I’m not saying people don’t try- sure, we may occasionally throw something in the green bin instead of the trash can, and we may turn off the faucet while brushing our teeth, but is it really enough?

Or maybe you have been doing your bit. Maybe you have been painstakingly dividing your staples from your paper before recycling, or maybe you own a solar-efficient home or a hybrid car. But maybe that’s only the half of it. What about the places your paper and car where made? How much waste was dumped into a landfill by the factories used to assemble such things? Annie Leonard spent years finding out the real truth, diving deep into the very heart of out world’s environmental problems.

I was slumped in front of the computer one day, surrounded by half empty bags of cheetohs, soda cans, and candy wrappers, when my inbox promptly delivered a new message. So I clicked on it, mildly curious, but mainly just too bored to do otherwise. Click. It’s amazing what one email can change. The forward itself was inconspicuous enough, but after following the link attached, I found myself sucked into 20+ minutes of pure wake up call.

The Story of Stuff will open your eyes, pull you in, and tell you just exactly where all those soda cans, empty chip bags, and hard-candy wrappers really came from and where they will go through once you’re done with them. Annie Leonard tells it like it is, shaking apart the truth of our junk in a bold, honest, and humorous way. Not enough for you? Try the Story of Bottled Water or the System of Cap and Trade. Each video is presented honestly, with no cover up stories or lies fed to us in-between. The problems pointed out in our environment were earth-shattering. So I urge you to minimize this page, at least for a moment, and click on the Story of Stuff. Go ahead, do it. I dare you to find out what really happens to that keyboard underneath your fingers once you’re done with it.

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