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When My Trust Went Up in Smoke

October 24, 2019
By BlakeH BRONZE, Defiance, Ohio
BlakeH BRONZE, Defiance, Ohio
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The writing titled When My Trust Went Up in Smoke, written by Sophie Cavalcanti, talks about her cousin vaping. In the topic, it talks about how she trusted her and loved her and thought that she would never do it. In the article, it says “…I squeeze my paper cut closed as I walked over to the guest suite. I open the bottom drawer of the nightstand and lined up neatly side by side are several plastic boxes of the same size. I began to open them in search of a Band-Aid when I came across three small black and green squares tucked underneath the smallest box.” In this quote is saying that she found three Juul pods in the guest bedroom. It also says that “I slip away and tiptoe toward the guest room where Gigi’s been staying... The door creaks open and I pop my head into the doorway. The room is pitch black except for a small green light and white smoke coming from her lips.” This writing made me feel sad because she cannot trust her cousin now because she is vaping.

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