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Benefits of Attending Summer Camp by Christina Besecker

March 4, 2019
By JennaBaldwin SILVER, Defiance, Ohio
JennaBaldwin SILVER, Defiance, Ohio
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I agree with Christinas point that summer camp benefits you. I can relate to this article because I have attended a summer FFA camp twice and have had such a great time. In the article she says, " It changes you for the better and teaches you many lifelong skills." I beielve it really does that exactly. Another reason I can relate is I have grown up at a girl scout camp and have seen how much fun people have at summer camp. I am not surpised because going to a camp is an awesome exsperience. You can see people around you learning lots of things and just having a great time. Going to a camp can really beneift someone. You can learn so much, make new friends, and come out of your comfort zone.Like she said " Camp helped me come out of my shell." 

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