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The Last Day
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The people who watch a burning candle- and there are other people who catch fire, Those who leave their hearts open to handle- And others who are enclosed in barbed wire, Faceless people stumble through lengthy halls- Yet there are people... (more »)
Reality and Imagination
By , Los Gatos, CA
Reality and imagination are impossible to tell apart, The difference between sweethearts and the truth: From him, all I am begging for is mercy on my heart, Not for any pity or for any feeling of ruth, Nor for this feeling to be pulled out... (more »)
Im Tired
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I'm tired. I'm tired of all the bulls*** I'm tired of all the lies I'm tired of all the moments I have to hide what i feel inside. I'm tired of trying to be perfect I'm tired feeling insane I'm tired of... (more »)
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Ink layered upon white sheets The colors meld, it all turns grey My pulse is dropping, i feel weak Do my efforts have any hearsay?   The weight of my words are too heavy For on this night they seem so plain I have no audience... (more »)
Becoming Her (#26)
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She brought a pulse of rage to boil inside Left acid in my throat when feilds fell cold Her heart is no warmer than her icy eyes Are you divided still or shall you fold? No more a snake, shedding its saintly skin Two faced vortex... (more »)
Friend of Lies
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Lurking behind me everywhere I go This monster that I cannot overthrow. Telling me what to do and how to be Draining the very life inside of me. This monster has now become my best friend; A friend that will stick by me till the end.... (more »)
Utterly Nothing
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I glance at the dark stairway, Wondering when it would my day. I take time in thinking of love and loss, There’s some things I would like to toss. Out of my memory and far out of reach, There’s nothing left to teach. Life has it... (more »)
To Cease to Ponder
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Oh, we cease to gaze upon the light, such has never been so gray as it seems now. We will pass this by, though, however much we wish to escape, this so faithful bough. As time has dwindled past the ages, we have ceased to ponder the... (more »)
Unrequited Love
By , san jose, CA
Day by day she stared, As he sat in his stool, Her eyes lingered on his hair which formed waves like ripples in a pool, And even though he didn’t care, Her love for him did not pare, She could not help but drool, Over how he was so cool,... (more »)
For Word Are Just Words
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Think that my tears are just full of sadness, Well I know your mind is full of madness, Think that my laughs are filled with my sorrow, Well you'll be my new friend by tomorrow, For words are just words, but they mean so much, For words are... (more »)
Stranger I Had Once Knew
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            As soon as I am left alone.      I gather thoughts and climb the stones.      I figure out what is wrong and right.      But I wonder what you are doing at night.       Used to meet you around the block.... (more »)
The Uncountable Dollar
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What it brought to us was freedom.The way we used it was good and made everyone happy.We were the top dogs in the game of poverty.We thought money can buy anything even love because we were blessers.We didn't bless only girls but we... (more »)
Ode to Polypeptides
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I don’t know what a polypeptide is; I think that is the main complication. And so sometimes when we have a hard quiz, I’m just confused for a long duration. It’s nobody’s fault, not even my own. It is not the textbook, nor the... (more »)
O Socks, My Socks
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My lovely socks, wherever can you be? No sign of you anywhere, it’s futile The warmth you have given protected me The thought of you gone makes me choke up bile My feet are bare, they feel overly free To find you once more, it will take... (more »)
Broken Bridges
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I have seen many things upon this Earth done so many wrong doings upon others. Even to the woman who gave me birth. She still gives me enough love it smothers I have broken so many of bridges I’ve created so many cracks in life. They... (more »)
Life is Pain? This work is considered exceptional by our editorial staff.
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Life is pain? So much pain, all life is sorrow and pain. Calls of help drowned out by the mask we wear. Our tears flowing like a torrental rain. We shout and scream and cry but none will hear. We wipe our face and pretend we’re okay.... (more »)
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