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Breaking Mirrors This work is considered exceptional by our editorial staff.
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Anger roars, incessant growing chatter, Mental screaming cuts through stagnant silence, Craving peace—no, rather fiery vengeance! She’s so tired of all the useless blabber. Crystal fractures; fragments tumble, scatter (Only image... (more »)
Mirror of my Heart
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a mirror is my heart my love for you is like the most famous work of art you hold me in your arms claiming no harm but please don't break me one little lie can shatter me your heart has been given to your true love and i am the one you... (more »)
My Rose
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I found a red wilted rose on the road, The rose sat in the burning sun in front of me begging me to take the red runt out of the sun, but why was I the only one who could tell that she was lonely I feel the rose's pain and she calls my... (more »)
Life with You This work is considered exceptional by our editorial staff.
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The moon has nothing against your blue sparkling eyes You are heart is the purest of all golds This is why I can never let you go You are what makes me smile You are that makes me whole I will love on every mile On our bumpy road of true... (more »)
Gypsy Lady
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Her waves traveled from a faraway land, Teased and grabbed at the shore’s sand-coated feet, In the bubbling foam, earth and water meet, Laughing through her mist, joy was her command. Beautiful was her slow movements, so planned, That... (more »)
when i should fear This work is considered exceptional by our editorial staff.
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i’ve found a girl who makes my heart balloon-- and when she laughs, i fall in love again. to see her smile, i’d trade away the moon! and by that smile-- so moonstruck i’d remain. what’s wrong with me? what is... (more »)
Before the Lake Dries This work has been published in the Teen Ink monthly print magazine.
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Only until her feet can reach the floor, A few short days while she is still young, When in her eyes I can do no wrong, And she thinks I’m the father she adores, While in my heavy arms the light bird soars, And her little hands... (more »)
You and I
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  You entered the path to my heart blindly. I let you in with walls down;unguarded. My whole heart once beat for you so kindly. My one soul was left livid and sharded. I looked into your eyes so profoundly. Didn't you see me?The... (more »)
Little Baby Child
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Little baby child, Taken from life so dear, I would have loved to see you smile, Watch you grow from year to year.   Your tiny little fingers, And your tiny little feet, Oh, how I would have loved them, Yet we will never meet.... (more »)
The burning of stress
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As the fireplace warms my line of sight The crackling of the fire sends my ears ablaze with music I look at the flames brilliant and bright The comforting feeling in spite of a storm outside The warmth on my skin makes me want to hum in delight... (more »)
A Joke's Game
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Black is the night with a fearsome repore The darkness spreads with nothing to stop it A mastermind brain insane to the core Chaos will spread sporting colors that fit Laughing and laughing a smile on his face Lives are his toys but he... (more »)
The Pain Of Loss
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Its painful to see your love one, In a hospital bed. You feel so hopeless. Wondering what will happen next. The inner child that was inside you, Finally come out and cries. Your heart is cover from pain, And your mind is surrounded... (more »)
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Sometimes those who love us try not to show There were raindrops pattering in my mind From my confusion, what I don't know Why don't those who love us stay ever kind When you live in my heart, it leaps for you Like the blossoms that grow in... (more »)
the man who tried too hard
By , mukwanago, WI
The dark knight arises from the bright sunshine, The rinky dinky old house, Creeks and shreeks. The wrinkly old man, Sits and spits. His chew is old and running out of taste. Now that he knows he is going on a chase, To find his... (more »)
Professional Athlete
By , Newtown, PA
Giving your life to sports is like an art Whenever the passion meets profession, Feelings of joy and triumph fill the heart Always through hard work and dedication. The beauty of it lies in team spirit Uniting people without difference,... (more »)
It’s always been her
By ,
My love for you is like a roaring sea, So strong and deep, you’ll always be with me. It is you who always makes me smile Because of all the nights, we got wild . I tried making you the happiest girl You are the one who made me... (more »)
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