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An Endless Battle
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I can not breathe, the room is shaking I can feel my spirit breaking Far away, my mind is drifting I can feel my viewpoint shifting  An empty body, sitting there Sunken eyes, and absent stare An endless battle I can not win  A... (more »)
The Magic of Sailing
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Like a fluffy cloud in the dark blue sky, The white yacht is drifting in the quiet sea. I love to sail, to feel like I can fly.  It is so good just to be light and free. The salty breeze is playing with the sail And bright red sun is... (more »)
She Tries
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She’s always wrong and never gets it right; She ruins everything she tries to do. She’s always meek, she never wants to fight, But somehow she has always made it through. She does her best to be someone who’s kind But tears herself... (more »)
My Soccer Ball
By , Parkland, FL
  My gleaming soccer ball, you inspire me to write. Oh how I love the way you entertain, Invading my mind, day and through the night, Always dreaming about the jovial plains. You are more joyous and adaptable. Where you... (more »)
The Eel
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One day I was eating some cereal I poured some milk into my bowl of charms I’d love the ideal to not eat an eel The bowl of charms did not taste like an arm The sweet sugar dissolved into the milk Oh how I love the taste of the sugar... (more »)
Roses of Friendship
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Ways of friendship are like that of roses, Blinded by its beauty, you travel near. Pick right, it opens. Pick wrong, it closes. The chosen await, a future so clear.   Keep it too long, and it slowly will wilt. Hold it too close, and... (more »)
By , Coral springs, FL
Passing to the forwards from the blue line Hitting the other team to steal the puck Looking in his eyes thinking you're mine Then going to score and it is not luck Confusion strikes all the people's eyes Chasing the puck like a dog chases... (more »)
Doggy eyes
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  Looking at me with guilt all in your eyes.  All over the floor lies bits of paper. The way you tilt your head never flys. Thank god it wasn’t a four leaf clover. No I will not take you on any walks. You wish... (more »)
Ball is life
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I love basketball, it’s everything in my life Jump up to get a rebound, go so high My game, so sharp you can call it a knife I beat you so bad call this a goodbye Everybody has a passion, and this game is mine To play the game you’ll... (more »)
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The prompt moment I laid my eyes on you It was burning, precipitated Love But not also for you my love, not for you A dark cloud emerged from above Your dazzling blue eyes suddenly turned grey And a hatred look appeared on your splendid... (more »)
Was She Worth It?
By , Coconut creek FL, FL
My world of bliss, I just couldn’t believe My heart drops, the feeling overcomes me I gave him my all, loyalty indeed I’ll nev forgive what you made my heart see   how can you do this to someone eas’ly I wonder if you have any... (more »)
Jake, My Rainbow Dog
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He lay on the dirty ground so upset Waiting for his friend Milo to come back Best friends since the very day they had met Every time they hung out they would attack Jake thought differently about Milo He thought Milo had a special... (more »)
Tilted Towers
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As I drop into the Tilted Towers I look for a weapon very quickly. I search the town and luck’ly find powers, I kill an opponent very simply.  I’m looking for people but can’t find them, I find a legendary item, chug jug. I see... (more »)
Where to find a poem?
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Where do you find a poem? In your room, In your music On your phone With your friends I find mine on the ice Skating Shooting Passing Hitting Brings out my creative side Weather its for poems Or story’s My best thoughts come on... (more »)
The Ruff In my Life
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Dogs are so the most beautiful creatures They are so furry and gentle to me Their personality makes them teachers I love to come home to them so happy My dogs are majestic and oh so fat They have changed my life in so many ways Dogs... (more »)
Being a God (Fortnite
By , Boca raton , FL
I jump out of the bus heading to flush. Not trying to give anybody any fuss. We arrive and are ready to crush. Me and my squad are ready to discuss.   We’re launchpading out of the skull gang We will kill all of them faster than a... (more »)
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