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Gone Away
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They say that you should talk and sit there but what you don't know is that their lies are there If only you could see that they are your demons please don't let them win you should fight back when you can Where did I go wrong? I... (more »)
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(girl) Am I searching for something That I'll never find They tell me to move on Can't you see that I'm trying He was he was he was Everything to me (guy) Is she still searching For me and my love Tell me she is and She's not giving... (more »)
11th hour
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In the 11th hour, I won’t be brought down like this… I’ll shoot and miss. They’ll bandage themselves. As I sleep in my cell, Thinking of what else to do. This is not my time... I’ll die dumb and blind. Sewing and stitching,... (more »)
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Alone in the corner, Much to my surprise. Sits the object for many nights I've fantasized. I can't contain the urge to begin. I'm waiting for her kiss, of which I can't defend... She untangles my psyche, unbinds the wounds. I want to let... (more »)
The Flag
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There you are in front of me Soaring above my head Where everyone can see That this is our homestead But in the past days You're not respected You’re trapped in a daze Being inflected During the anthem Men take a knee It’s part... (more »)
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Olivia was made from a leaf falling down, but she knows where she goes. She lost her parents in a nature's flaw, but she knows where she flows.   Olivia, hey Olivia, Do not give up! Olivia, hey Olivia, Only God knows when you'll... (more »)
Into The Void
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The call of the void. I can sense it through my veins, Praying to keep my thoughts tame. Watch me remove the dagger from my heart. And break free from my ongoing pain. When I hear the void I run and hide, 'cause the void has no rules to... (more »)
Power Struggle
By , Apopka, FL
If I had the power to stop feeling whatever I have for you in a single instant, I would do it in a heartbeat. There’s always hurting between us, you and I, But what hurts the worse is that I don’t even know the reason why. You say I... (more »)
The Little Puppy
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Sitting on the gross abandoned street, The little puppy howls and weeps for something to eat. New to the world and so innocent— It does not deserve a life like this Cars drive by and people pass, Ignoring the little puppy. Pleading for... (more »)
Take off the mask
By , Eminence, KY
Sometimes it’s okay to show them that you’re scared Sometimes it’s okay to show them that you really cared That when all eyes were on you The one thing you wanted to do was hide but you but smiled anyway Sometimes it’s okay to show... (more »)
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Rained and Poured
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I saw you standing there, waiting for somone near. Then you came right up to me and looked at me, I looked at you. That is when I saw you looking up to the sky. And it started to...   Rain and Pour, standing there in the storm, It... (more »)
Money Makes the World Go Around
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He is mean and he is cruel Never been sworn into office before How did this happen? How did this happen? Perhaps he made all of us a promise When he made his victory speech He'll bring back what we really deserve The green pieces... (more »)
A Letter from Baby Jesus:
By , Violet, LA
Today you are filled with excitement and joy As you sprint to that tree, decorated with toys. You hug mom and dad, oh what a sight to see But have I told you what you mean to me? On this day, so many years ago I was born in a manger decked... (more »)
Above the Earth
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Standing in this storm, Of tears rolling from the sky, Glad to be here reborn, I’m a flying hawk, hear me cry, High above the earth, Somewhere inside the clouds, Given me life in my birth, My feathers make shrouds, I fly away from... (more »)
Today is Mine
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I’ve been cast away, Stricken of the day, No light will shine, To give me a sign, I’ve lost today, With nothing to say, But that’s fine, Today is mine, What will you say? When the skies are gray, Will you say fine? Or is yours... (more »)
Sweet, Sweet Angel
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I never meant to be the one, I’m only human, I tried to save you but I’m done, I’m only one man, I’m sad to tell you, But I’ve gone away, I’m sad but I love you, But you’ve gone away, Come back to me someday, We will... (more »)
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