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It’s only natural, I have a soft spot for family like you But, the time is now I’m done groveling under your shoe Swallow what you can chew Don’t beg me for mercy I’m not as lenient as you once knew I’m renewed With a different... (more »)
I Am a Wolf
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Running through your mind. Running through your heart. You think I’m the guy to find, Hoping we will never part. You control my head. You control my emotion. I think your the girl to put all worries to bed, because you were my... (more »)
Never the Same
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My heart is on fire And it hurts to breathe They said you're a liar But I didn't believe.   A fool for the knight A hearth for the soul Your flame grew bright Till it swallowed me whole.   Where does the fault lie Who is... (more »)
Morning song
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This is gonna be my morning song Woke up at 6 in the dawn Cause since ages, It is known That it's best time to study in exams Just like a morning song   I tried too long but Hardly studied for few minutes Started to stare the... (more »)
It's All Gone To You
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  It’s all this anger that’s pent up inside of me It’s a black hole, and it lives, and I let it be It’s the emotion Yes, it’s the feeling It’s what I’m saying What I’m breathing... (more »)
By , Arlington, TX
i’ve got breathing issues. i miss speaking to you. my heart wants you here. my head knows you create my heavy atmosphere. no one wants the girl who freaks out whenever new people people are around. my sickness is not you solution. that... (more »)
You Know Who You Are
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My dearest friend, You know who you are. You’re the one I think about, And love more, by far. When I was crying that time, You gave me a shoulder to lean on. You never just played games, I was never just one of your pawns. You saved me, you... (more »)
I'm still hungry
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What have you done This day was all good and fun Now You've left me a frown I could felt like I was wearing a crown Now you've left me starving Now I'm too mad to look at you, darling I should of put up a fight for it Because you stole... (more »)
Happy and Sad
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I'm happy and sad at the same time Life's got me smiling with tears in my eyes. I'm lost. I need a guide. Where will I go, what will I do, who will I be? Who am I? I want to travel, but I have no idea how to do it. Will I be able... (more »)
lyric poem
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I am hurt because I can't let go. I am hurt because of my choices.  I am hurt because of my actions. I am hurt because my heart wasn't telling me what too do.   I give up because of my pain. I give up because who was there too help... (more »)
Off to Antarctica
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  What is it about early morning bus rides 15 minutes to be no one. 15 minutes to sit and listen to the sighs Of the creaky bus as it runs. I get up at 6:15 like everyone else, I hate daily life like everyone else.... (more »)
Bed of My Mistakes
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Lying awake, in the bed of my mistakes, oh it’s time to face the pain, it never goes away.- -Dying for a taste, of what I thought had loved me, oh it’s colder to embrace, cuz all she did was shove me.- -Now this life is growing cold, the... (more »)
Too Much Propaganda
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I`m seeing messages everywhere. Saying stuff that's not really fair. Bossing us around, telling us to beware. It's not really something they should share.  I`m seeing too much propaganda over here. That's one thing that I've found to be... (more »)
Life Isn't Fair
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There once was a woman who lived in a town Surrounded by country and flowers. She was often seen with a white woven basket Walking through fields for hours. Those who approached her ailing or hurt She dropped down to help, getting mud on... (more »)
Nothing But Love
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When everything around you Has turned into dust And all that's left In the world Is us When your hopes and dreams Have shattered Like glass Just reach farther You'll find you have more The earth may shake The thunder will roar And... (more »)
Because I could not stop Water
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Because I could not stop Water, He gradually stopped for me. With each passing steam--river And ocean. Water stretches himself at very great length. Even when I do not need him, He is everywhere Always coming in at a great depth.... (more »)
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