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The Wind That Blows
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Will the wind even blow in my hair or will it flow to side and miss me everywhere Im not a bad kid, or a sad kid, but thats what im forced to think because im a mad kid Will the leaves fall on my head or will they leave instead ... (more »)
Holding On
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You got a call in the middle of the night, ‘Said you had a two a.m. flight, To Tokyo, to Tokyo And I said, please don’t go You know you’ll never be back You know you’ll never, ever be back   You’d leave me holding on, you’d... (more »)
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You think my life is a charade; That I want to be a renegade; We could be more than friends; Let's see how this one ends. And just the smell of you; Is an intoxicating brew; You may not be so tall; But you come when I call. And your... (more »)
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You used to make my heart flutter; Never again, will you make me stutter; Because we're through; And one more kiss will never change you; Never again, will I say I love you; Because we're through; And no matter how much I want you; You're... (more »)
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We were inseprable, untouchable; But one thing always leads to another. We used to be unbreakable, unforgettable; But one night you were just gone. One night you were just gone. And I'm here, waiting for you; Never gonna move on; Never... (more »)
Red Wood
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The tree was new, It was just a sprout, And though the wind blew, The trunk never gave out, For one day it knew, It would be a tall redwood, The tree knew it would be true, The tree knew that it could, The tree was a few years old, And... (more »)
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Death Sentence
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(Chorus) Standing before the Judge This will be the final outcome Im pleading Guilty to all my sins I let them in, I let them in…   (Intro) You see I don't care Im through with lying to myself You think you can crucify me Make... (more »)
Trails of Adolescence
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Passing through the hour and days without a single personal thought. Reaching expectations of what I should be and not. Just pack away those feelings and let them alone to rot. Don’t show signs of falter or you’ll surely get caught.... (more »)
War Boots
By , Eugene, OR
Sitting in the mud with my black boots I hear gun fire I look to the sky I’m not ready to die My black boots will see me off My black heart will takeoff Death, my new friend I have met the end Laying on the ground with my black... (more »)
He Reminded Me
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                                     Part One He reminded me of what it's like to be happy   He reminded me of that warm feeling you get every morning from the sun through the clouds                      ... (more »)
Five Nights in Animatronic Horror Pt.2 in song... This work is considered exceptional by our editorial staff.
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1 A.M. Just finished my first shift at Freddy Fazbear’s Pizza Hey there Freddy nice to see ya The phone guy says there is no danger Balloon Boy just sits and stares while all the others roam and scare Vents, flashlights, but not one door... (more »)
Darkness and Moonlight Love
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The room is pitch black, And light has left my heart. Death keeps us apart; We tried to block nebulous things.   If you stay with me, darkness will conquer; I knew evil was a stalker. The impregnable wind pushed, used to... (more »)
Dear Romeo
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Romeo, Oh Romeo, Shut up, my dear Romeo, This heart you love has turned to stone Romeo, Oh Romeo, This love has got so cold, Suspended into icicles, I'm drowning Romeo, Oh Romeo, Severed me, My dear Romeo This heart you loved Is... (more »)
All I See
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I was a vibrant red, Short tempered, Never meant a word I said, I tried to be centered. But that’s not the way I was. I screamed too much, I needed everything to pause. I needed someone to clutch. Everywhere I turn, all I see are... (more »)
The Poison
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 He looked, And he stared, and, Glared in its eyes The fear, of growing Older And he kissed, Open air, and, Gone was the light In his eyes, Were his tongue so cold Run away. And he ran And he ran, and he Ran towards the red Just... (more »)
Should Have, Should Have
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I shoulda said I hate your guts I shoulda left what you’re part of, I shoulda turned and ran like hell, like hell. Starving horses in a pen, You left them scarecrows in the rain I wish I hadn’t heard your voice, in the first place... (more »)
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