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Life. This work is considered exceptional by our editorial staff.
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In life, we find strife. The crows fly and the doves die. Men lie, and women cry. (more »)
My First Love
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Mining Diamond Ores Killing creepers and zombies Minecraft is my life.   I build a big house It is made of cobblestone No one can get in   I fall in the lava It takes away all my lives I am deceased now. (more »)
3 haikus about camping with the boyscouts
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1} I enjoy camping. With the boy scouts from my troop. Weekend trips are fun! 2} Cold weather camping. The cold doesn’t bother me. Dress in warm layers! 3} Out in the great woods. Atmosphere is exquisite. Camping is awesome!   (more »)
Fourteen Years
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For fourteen years now, a warm shoulder to cry on. Wise and oh-so-smart. For fourteen years now, I have adored my soulmate. We’re never apart. For fourteen years now, it’s been easy to see, mom you’re the perfect friend for me. (more »)
3 Haikus
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Imagination The essence of Creation  Our Discovery What was Dishonored Like lands corrupted by evil Will be great again Death is not the end It is just the beginning Your Revelation    (more »)
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                  Watching the pitcher            Flying by at lightning speed... (more »)
The Meeting, The Pain, and The Reflection
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When I first saw you, Your eyes stole my heart away. You completed me.   Some people ask me, What were you like before him? I just cry, then smile. Like parallel lines We were never meant to be. Now I’m sad. Again. (more »)
Love No More
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I used to love you. Now you only cause me pain. Your a toxic cloud. You tore me apart. Yet, you say you still love me? Only spouting lies. You gave me no choice. Tore my family apart. Part of me no more. (more »)
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As the darkness writes dreams that never dreamed before under the candle. (more »)
Love who you are
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Smart, Cute, Nice, Skinny Ugly, Dumb, Different Appreciate you (more »)
Mr Hogue is a Cool Dude
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Mr hogue is cool I really like his homework Edgar Allan Poe     I read a cool book About Edgar Allan Poe He is really rad     I love English class I walk in room 420 And read some cool books (more »)
Day to Night
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Morning sun wakes Rays of shine gleam through the sky Mourning the past night Sun is now alive As it watches the day pass Son of all bright stars Night is emerging The moon replaces the sun Knight in shining moonlight (more »)
Casting Away
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Lounging on the dock Watching the boats cast away Seagulls fly around (more »)
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Digging in the sand Feeling the sun kiss my skin Searching for seashells (more »)
The Ocean
By , Cumberland, RI
Sitting in the sand Admiring the crashing waves Hearing the ocean breeze (more »)
Stages of Life
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I'm blinded by light Then I'm crowded by people Passed on one by one.   Ridiculed by friends People I call family Left in the dark, gone.   Surrounded again Opposite reasons, same crowd I breath. In. Out. Gone. (more »)
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