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The Moon
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Danger is love we are blinded by the light we are so weak (more »)
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To be abandoned Left by people who once claimed I was not alone (more »)
phones at school
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staring at my phone instead of doing my work I'm a bad student (more »)
Silver Lining This work has been published in the Teen Ink monthly print magazine.
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i use my felt tip markers- questing on the greasy whiteboard for a drop of sunshine (more »)
Action Of Violence
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There are always violence around, And there's nothing that we can’t do, To walk by and watch. (more »)
Every American's Dream
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Car, house, wife, kids, job This the American Dream Which we all desire (more »)
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Around it will go Until you run out of time Than you strat over (more »)
Became This work is considered exceptional by our editorial staff.
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We are together Us,underneath the larch tree our partnership (more »)
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The soft way you look With the moonlight in your eyes Takes my breath away (more »)
By , Melbourne, FL
You two are perfect College Football Saturdays They’re things you both like Saturdays divide Both Seminoles and the Tide Hope they don’t play now You two are perfect You will make a great family I can’t wait for it (more »)
Damhsa An Tsamhraidh This work is considered exceptional by our editorial staff.
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Fairies dance in joy outside their red mushroom homes, for endless summer. (more »)
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Olivia stinks, Just kidding she showers Gayle, Where’s my dog shampoo? (more »)
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Pikachu is cool He is the coolest of all I love Pikachu (more »)
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   Hear the bells ringing, mourning loudly with the wind.    Cling, clang, cling God speed. (more »)
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The Rays
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Golden happiness Warms my face; brings a smile But, it too leaves me (more »)
The Brevity of Time
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All good things must end Impending death befalls all Make the most of it (more »)
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