Most Recent Free Verse Poems

Here are the most recent free verse poems:

Freedom This work is considered exceptional by our editorial staff.
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Freedom. That’s all I want. Freedom from the patriarchy that is my parents’ culture. Freedom from having to live in this home Where the men don’t have to cook or clean. Freedom from being told that my husband won’t love me. Why... (more »)
Failing A Class for Beginners
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Ingredients: Two broken pencils A disorganized notebook Exciting things going on Be a senior (Not needed but highly recommended, it makes things easier) A boatload of excuses An ‘illness” that your parents will buy A phone with... (more »)
I Don't Fit In
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I always try to fit, in spaces that I make, spaces that aren't lit, with the light I leave in wake. Nobody knows my pain, that I can hide while trying, but my efforts are in vain, as it always leaves me crying. (more »)
This Perfect Moment
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When I go outside I see, a very busy bumblebee. When I go outside I hear, the quiet buzzing in my ear. When I go outside I smell, the scent of grass from when I fell. When I go outside I taste, the taste of freedom I can race. (more »)
Never Backing Down
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I will never break or bend, standing tall before the end. I will never trip or fall, you can't knock me down at all. I will never retreat or yield, I will take over the field. If I happen to meet my end, I'll simply get back up... (more »)
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To the eyes of the world, I’m like every other person, no different from each other A dark brunette hair, eyes that sweat, a nose that leaks, ears that hears, a mouth that speaks, lips to match, hands that bleeds, but… Of course, I’m not... (more »)
The Haunted Hotel
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I enter the looming hallway of the old hotel. They say it’s haunted. The aged wooden floorboards creak beneath my feet. A shiver runs through me as I stare up at the pictures on the wall. Were her eyes looking in that direction... (more »)
Yeller (The Sound of Yellow)
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Silence is the sound of yellow. A bright, sunny day in a field, Where her flowing hair drapes downward. Her beautiful smile makes time yield. The daisies stand at her shoulders. A moment of complete freedom; She hops atop the pickup... (more »)
dear me
By , New York, NY
dear me, well, i guess this is an informal hello. i’m alive and clear. i’m sitting here with just my laptop and my fingers. hopefully that’s still a thing in the time when you’re reading this. now, the reason why i’m wasting my time... (more »)
I'm Tired (A poem about gun control)
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I'm tired of counting. Counting the shootings, counting their victims and their new silence. Counting the guns and their owners, counting every bullet shot and every one we're spared. I’m tired of waiting. Waiting for the day that it’s my... (more »)
Senior Year Is
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    A time in which Seniors aspire to graduate And leave behind the dark black hallways That once brought torment into our lives.   A time in which the oppresive and insidious Case of Senioritis makes... (more »)
Small But Strong
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We stay as a group, We work as a group, We die as a group. Our mother is the leader. If mother is brought somewhere, we follow, Some of our family have been trapped and contained. There are many kinds of us, There are varieties of us,... (more »)
Love is just a four lettered word
By , franklin , WI
A four lettered word Love A four lettered word But it is a feeling that only you can give me It is a feeling of security Reassurance that you are there for me I remind myself, it is not about how long you’ve know a person People come... (more »)
Mountains of Frost
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  Stronger than a wall A barrier of frost and stone Only heroes can cross Mortal men armed with Nothing these barriers Cannot provide They lived and They fought giants And earned themselves a name No mortar is... (more »)
the moon
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the open blue dark holds me close the stars open up like windows in the sky the bright light shining through   then the pale moonlight disappears and the sky fills with fire the atmosphere closing around me strangling me i... (more »)
Of a Young Spring
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The slow setting sun glows quietly Creating hues of pastel blues and fiery oranges Of soft pinks and vibrant reds That radiate Radiate softly through the wispy cotton candy clouds And against the blooming lilacs Of a young Spring (more »)
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