Most Recent Free Verse Poems

Here are the most recent free verse poems:

Love Sonnet
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A love like ours is hard to find An eternity with you, I wouldn’t mind I sometimes wonder where I’d be, if you hadn’t set me free I get sad at the thought of us apart But it brings me joy, that I have your heart. I don’t have much... (more »)
When Can I Let Go?
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A rope, Of fine bristles, Thick, tough fibers, Resilient. To endure sheer force, Joined together, In delicate hands, Hands throbbing Bleeding, Bleeding red blood Blood, no healers can heal. Never to be regained Wounds never to close,... (more »)
If Look As Musics
By , San Elizario, TX
If look as musics she breathe, Than no melody so bettered, And by God is beauty no she, Oh, wake the brow in healthful, Oh, cherried of cheek and fiery, The Heaven is goldest of gay, And soft if she on the eye show. (more »)
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I had come to the garden in search of one, and only one flower. In full bloom I saw it, it’s rich color and sweet smell calling out for me. I picked it, immediately, without thinking and without hesitating. Just as I thought I had picked... (more »)
The Greatest Killer
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She was within the girl that was everyones’ friend, the one who secretly felt completely isolated from everyone. She was within a star athlete, the one who starved herself while in season. She was within a friend from high school, the... (more »)
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Granny, How are you?
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A wooden bench sits Still until we come To sit and talk Until the sun comes up For you Granny Are the one I adore the most And since you have left us On this beautiful planet “What have you been up to?” I’d say “Just baking,... (more »)
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Why must we fight Is war the only answer Can we not reply with peace To a letter that ignites an argument These letters hold the message That killed millions That killed fathers and sons In a revolution that could never be prevented Is... (more »)
The Past Would Like to Thank You
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The old is gone And the new is here Or so it seems But I'm still near I ‘ve seen it all The struggles and the triumphs The new and the old But especially you You have changed profoundly Because of others Because of how they view... (more »)
There are plenty of people, but only you can...
By , Chicago, IL
When you stare into my eyes My heart drowns in a thousand oceans It melts in a pool of deathly magma But this only lasts for so long Then it turns cold You may seem to be innocent But you ruined me My heart and my soul Will never... (more »)
COLD. This work is considered exceptional by our editorial staff.
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I t i s o co ld, Like Those Whispers In the trees And the silk Spider web Collapsing Beneath a Blanket Of ice. But N o Soul Tries To help Comfort a Second being Because warmth Is difficult to share And it’s safer to... (more »)
Poison Apple
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I know solely the dress I wear Not an awareness for compassion or violence Not a care for morality or ignorance Not an ounce of remorse or regret I feel only feelings of silk The only textures in my life are the cheap intricacies of lace that... (more »)
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One moment That's all it took for everything to change It was that aandonment That made my world becomeso strange   A somersaulting moment killed my life And made me who I am It cut through me like a knife My life is now a giant... (more »)
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Time moves in waves, At first gradual, but then rapidly overcoming. It’s almost if time didn’t move, It was watching. his actions. Hours went by, it feels like days. Days of relentless torture, Wooden bat to skin, belt to back Worse,... (more »)
Had I Most a Star's Cheer
By , San Elizario, TX
Had I most a star's cheer by the ground, With richest Spring, and hills fro bound. But in the happiness dwell less a prayer, Not ever could I have softest felt on lands, River, cloud for dear is me in saddest sands. I now go where the... (more »)
Neutral This work is considered exceptional by our editorial staff.
By , Fort Wayne, IN
to perfect the  ART of...what is it? Emptiness is harsh,  yet Subdued is mild.  numb (like ice)- thin like paper cut too soon from a  reaching pine.  The closer she stretches (races desperately) toward Canopy,  teeth... (more »)
nine o'clock
By , New City, NY
the pieces of a puzzle drift around me i try to put them together, but 10 minute phone calls aren’t much to go on. i clutch onto your voice, rasping and whispering through the speaker, surrounded by screaming and singing i clutch onto a... (more »)
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