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Questions to an Archaic Knight
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Oh great and mighty wanderer! The lord of sights unseen, Have you heard the mer-girls fair, Or seen white griffins preen? Have you wandered trails in dust, Or felt the bitter snow? Have you fought in lofty peak, Or hunted tawny doe? Do... (more »)
I missed Him
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Oh how I longed to see him, I was locked up with lighting that was dim. He visited everyday, but was not able to stay. I had wished this was our love song, but that would be to long. Eventually he faded away, and it became hard to stay.... (more »)
He Waits
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All it took was one look to fall madly in love. Their personalities fit, snug like a glove. Though, she could not see this, she hardened her heart. Never given a chance, he left to depart. Once left alone, all he could think, Was the love... (more »)
Love Between Two
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Love Just two people walking down the street They don’t know anything about each other until they meet It started off with coffee dates Then moved to the restaurants with the really nice plates They slowly fell in love day by day They... (more »)
The Bar
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There was a man and a woman who met in a bar Neither of them knowing who each other are The woman caught the man’s eye He then walked over to her and said, “Hi!” They started talking and getting to know each other... (more »)
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Happiness is laughing until your stomach hurts Happiness is the first bite of food after being starving Happiness is crawling into bed after a long day Happiness is a good hug Happiness is blowing out the candles on your  birthday... (more »)
The Big Game
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It was finally the big game, I wanted them to do their thing, I wanted them to win the game, I wanted a perfect shut-out. It started a little rocky, Since there was no score in the first, But I still had faith that they would, Determine... (more »)
Planting a seed
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The colours never look the same  And every day I seem to change my name  When I hurt, I bleed for years And stand knee-deep in my tears But when I shine, I forget the puddles that I bled  And sunflowers start growing out of my head... (more »)
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In a lonely isle in a town by the shore Where fallen men gathered sickly and sore dreary of color and deprived of life slowly forgetting what the heavens looked like Trapped in the fog, banished from light A place with no good or bad, and... (more »)
The Glass is 5/4 Full (An Ode to Truth or Dare) This work is considered exceptional by our editorial staff.
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Today I lose my dignity To something light, sublime To men and wilted flowers To breathless smiles and lime If I could stop the ocean swell From stretching the waistband of time The bees could float beyond the stripes And grace the hard... (more »)
Guardian Angel
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When all is lost but those I love When my screams are met with silence There comes flying down a dove And she is my guardian angel Her broad wings shield me Her presence gives me comfort Protecting me from the wrath of the violent sea... (more »)
If eyes could speak...
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If eyes could speak, I wouldn't utter another word,  My tears would be screams and those lingering stares world convert into the whimpering cries no one's ever heard.    If eyes could speak, you'd understand how I feel by their gentle... (more »)
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Yonder All your honor For a deep blue yonder And now we’re gone Gone in Big Blue Yonder That sword cut so deep Gone in your big blue splendor All that is your Yonder No matter what I do, I know And endless splendor, yonder,... (more »)
Alluring Distress
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As the heated argument closed, She left me for the door. Abandoning me with my thoughts, Within it shook my core. The room felt colder than I thought, Deserting me to cope. Feeling more than hollow inside, But stealing my frail... (more »)
By , Kenner, LA
’Twas sunup, and the bright sun’s rays       Did sneak and slither through the shades: All silent were the morning hours,       As the nighttime breath slowly fades. “Beware the Alarmclock, young one!       The cries... (more »)
The Cinderella Story
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Her loving family shattered With a death and marriage Working all day, never a break She’s saved via carriage Forced to take care of her “family” Labored like a slave Everyone thinks that she is weak Lions aren't as brave She... (more »)
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